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by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filter bag

filtering process involves many aspects, the filter bag is a very important element. When we buy, must want to consider the quality of filter bag, because it is closely related to filtering effect, the filter bag characteristic of different manufacturer production, will give you the concrete introduce below.

part of the filter bag is not complicated, it is the main production material filter cloth, the difference between different enterprises when choosing filter cloth. In general, the higher the quality of the filter cloth, the stronger the filtering effect, and many well-known enterprises have special applied for a patent, it joined the mouth ring design, air filtration product precision is secured.

if you have special requirements, also can ask the factory customized. Many of the specifications of the filter production enterprises is very full, can be used in various industries. First introduce you to the liquid filter bag, it USES the stainless steel ring material, considering the demand of special industry, sometimes using PE plastic ring. Because of different specifications, so the filter bag bag, bag with different structure. Overall, the advantages of this type of filter is very obvious, the production process is used in industrial sewing machine, the overall with no silicone oil cooling characteristics, so you don't have to worry about the pollution problem. Another factory considering the service life of filter bag, so the handling of the stitching is very fine, use will not happen in the process of sliding sideways, there will be no pin holes, even if there is a model label stick on it, we can according to production requirement to take off it, so you will not cause any impact to the filtrate.

in addition, there is a kind of filter bag is used in air conditioning industry, it is suitable for use in a lot of clean production environment, timely processing of industrial tail gas, can help the exhaust system. At present there is a big difference between its efficiency level, depending on the use of environmental requirements.

this shows, the use of filter bag on the specific operating environment and standard requirements, and then take the liquid filter bag, it is in grain and oil or chemical fields have a wide range of applications, and can be repeated use, life is very high, can help enterprises to save costs. Even using the alkali fiber, it can guarantee the larger working strength, in use process will not be damaged, and the error in the process of production is very low, can guarantee the degree of sealing under special assignments.

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