Fan filter unit characteristics have? Application range have?

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
Filtering equipment

the fan filter unit which is a kind of indoor air filtration equipment, fan, inside the device design flexible, can cooperate with any ceiling skeleton, high clean level, it is currently on the market is relatively quiet, cheap, high ratio of the equipment, can be transported for clean room of high quality air, so is very widely used, is not only the production enterprises, domestic outfit is also often used inside, so what is the distinguishing feature of the fan filter unit? Application range have?

the fan filter unit has many ways to control speed, making it easier to adjust speed, improve the efficiency of filtering; Very low running cost function, work can greatly reduce the cost; Built-in back in a duct system, can very good reduce noise and pressure loss, improve the efficiency of the fan, mute system is very good; Can match all kinds of brand filter, blower fan filter unit adopts high efficient centrifugal fan, can provide high air volume, a service life of more than fifty thousand hours, which is six years, at the end of the time you just need to change the filter, and the air filtration product unit can be suitable for all filter, simple operation, easy installation, product has reached the national standard, by scanning detection, reliable quality, and therefore is widely used, is also the main fan filter unit.

the fan filter unit is suitable for the clean room and other places, can be 1 - clean level Within 1000, can achieve the filtering effect is very good, and therefore can be used in the ultra clean production lines, can be decorated according to process requirements, or a single use, also can use many sets of series, form an assembly line. Fan filter unit is mainly used in semiconductor, electronics, medicine, biology, research, display and disk drives, and other fields with more, also used in the clean room, clean bench, clean production line and other occasions, for those who require high air quality have access to the fan filter unit, low energy consumption, low operation cost.

the fan filter unit is characterized by a lot of, the application range is very wide, it is one of the more cutting-edge devices on the market at present, intelligentize degree is high, the filtering effect is good, can meet the requirements of high cleanliness, for the development of industry, there is a big help for many production environments are demanding cleanliness, especially pharmaceutical companies.

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