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by:Booguan     2020-11-20
Filter products

air filter products can be divided into effect at the beginning of air filter, medium efficiency air filter and three types of high efficiency air filter. Among them, the effect of air filters for different occasions and different purposes. Effect at the beginning of the air filter used in the coarse dust filter, air filter system primary filter, and high efficiency air filters for air filter system at the end. High efficiency air filter products is divided into partition, partition, V - BED, high temperature resistant four types. Among them, the hepa air filters have what features?

first of all, let's look at a structure features of hepa air filter. Its manufacturing process usually has two kinds, priority is filter material using the material of super fine glass fiber paper, repass high quality kraft paper, hot rolling, the second is to use two types of glue, aluminum foil board materials division plate, again after the material such as wood or aluminum alloy frame agglutination. Among them, the cement USES a special silicon rubber, as a sealant to seal, no peculiar smell, so the air filter itself after gluing part is difficult to see traces, hardening of the surface will not happen, use a long time even if little crack phenomenon. And the frame will use galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy three types of materials. At the same time, because of a partition is mostly adopts double glue coated material, so can effectively avoid a partition for hot hot shrinkage, shrinkage phenomenon that appears under the influence of cold and hot dry wet, so can emit particles.

this structure can guarantee a hepa air filter with high efficiency, low filter resistance, large amount of dust. At the same time, this kind of high efficiency air filter chemical performance is good, can resist corrosion, to absorb heat bilges cold shrink happens even if stress condition, a hepa air filter is not easy to crack. In addition, the hardness appropriate, elastic recovery performance better.

it is hepa air filter can reduce the pollution of air, purify air, improve air quality. It is used in various high clean industry, such as optical electronic industry, the LED production factory, biological medicine industry, mining, environmental protection industry, precision equipment, PCB printing and dyeing, food and beverage production industry and so on. Because every industry has a corresponding quality standards, to ensure product quality performance, hence the hepa air filters are widely used in all walks of life. However, as a result of the division board material is qualitative different, use the scene have some different, such as aluminum hepa air filter products commonly used in high temperature and high humidity environment, while the paper hepa air filter commonly used in ordinary clean environment.

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