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by:Booguan     2020-11-20
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in this era of industrialization now, there are a lot of industrial filters, judging by the but what is the addition of a filter, the industrial filter is usually used to what place? So let us simple introduce about the addition of filter what, also let us to know more about the industrialization of the filters.

in the numerous industrial filter, there is a HMU tinder barrier-free ultra high efficiency air filter products, this filter USES is super fine glass fiber filter paper as filter material, can be greater than zero. 3 microns particle filter and adopt the international standard size, can be efficiently applied to electronic, pharmaceutical industry, clean room and laminar flow equipment requiring high cleanliness.

and there's a HBM chemical fiber bag air filters, the device USES a high flux and low resistance to chemical fiber cloth as the filter material, large amount of dust, have different level of filter can choose, usually used in electronic, biological, pharmaceutical, machinery, instrument and light industries such as petrochemical general air purification system, make different contributions to different industry.

and a HTR is high temperature resistant filter, it USES a special glass fiber filter paper as filter material, the use of stainless steel frame with the special seal of heat-resistant material, heat resistance, 250 ℃ and 319 ℃, and the device for each are through strict test, mainly used in the ultra clean oven, super clean cleaning machine, chemical industry and other requirements of high temperature air purification equipment and systems.

the next is V type activated carbon air filter products, because using activated carbon filter, so its adsorption ability is strong, and the weight is lighter, and more convenient to install. The device commonly used in central air conditioning and ventilation system design, eliminate peculiar smell in the air, The stench) And harmful gas.

then gathers type activated carbon filter, active carbon particles in the device USES is with super fine synthetic fiber composite material, and using the ABS plastic boxes to facilitate environmental protection processing, not only the filter has big filter area, and strong adsorption ability, high removal efficiency, performance is reliable, and the device can effectively place the harmful substances in the air. Is mainly the central air-conditioning ventilation system, control of low concentration organic pollutant, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, with function of dust and gas pollution.

that is some of the industrial filters, we introduce an important part in our industrial strength, in our pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, machinery instruments are very important in the filter, if did not have the filter in the industrial, presumably to be lagging behind the economy for many years now.

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