Electrostatic filter working principle and characteristics of is what? Scope of application in the enterprise?

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
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as people for air quality unceasingly, the type of filter has been increased, high efficiency air filter products and every family has brought convenience to the enterprise. Relative to some filter with a filter element, and some physical properties to achieve purification using tiny particles of dust itself, such as electrostatic filter is the use of small dust particles in the air charged characteristics, thus realize the purpose of air purification.

the purification mechanism of electrostatic filter by high voltage discharge polarized particles in the air, in the electric field under the action of charged particles tend to dust collecting plate. Electrostatic filter is often used in industrial production, such as processing plants in soot. Electrostatic filter in the process of air filter, high efficiency, the work for there is no limit to the air flow velocity of fluid in the process, so it's a minute air purification treatment area is very large, and this is why many companies are willing to buy the main reason for the electrostatic filter.

electrostatic purification technology is developed on the basis of industrial electrical precipitator, generally consists of ionization and dust collection, its main effect is dust and sterilization. Dust removal principle is in the high voltage electrostatic field ionization gas molecules are, produce large Numbers of electrons and ions, under the action of electric field force to the poles, in the process of mobile dust particles in the air and bacteria take charge. Charged particles under the action of electric field force, after the dust to dust collection period of negatively charged electrode surface and removed from the air.

in a certain sense, the electrostatic filter than other types of air filter products of high pass rate, and the filtering process accurate and efficient. In addition, the electrostatic filter that can handle the high temperature flue gas, almost all of its internal structure of metal, so you can tolerate the high temperature of 400 ℃ environment.

although, electrostatic filter have very good capture effect on particulate matter, but as more and more particles adsorbed on the dust collection board, make the dust particles on the board is more and more thick, it weakens the charged particles under electric field force, make the particles cannot be more effectively adsorbed on the dust collection board. At the same time, the thickening of the granular layer, under the effect of air flow is easy to occur secondary dust, become sources of pollution. Therefore, need to collect plate sedimentation particle layer for removing regularly, electrostatic filters for a long time so as to achieve better filtering effect.

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