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by:Booguan     2020-10-27
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today, air pollution, smog pollution, PM2. The term 5 continuous appear in our life work, air pollution of the environment pollution it has become the people live and work in suspension is not coming to the topic. Now chairman xi also proposed 'to jinshan yinshan already, also want to hills and green', we can also see national determination to governance environment, but Rome wasn't built in a day, environmental governance is not to say that one or two days can be completed, so at this time would require the electrostatic filter to protect our health.

may speak of the filter, you won't feel strange, but in the front of the filter to add a static, everybody just have a little don't understand, what is the electrostatic filter? What he said and our usual filter difference in where? Actually, electrostatic filter, it is a kind of air filter products or the air purifier, the so-called 'static', means that the filter is using high voltage electrostatic field makes the particles, and then these particles captured in a dust collection board, this is the meaning of electrostatic filter.

electrostatic filter application range is very wide, maybe we said to you it is the application of high voltage electrostatic field to make particles, and then under the function of power, these particles captured in a dust collection plate, everybody thinks this kind of filter should be applied in industrial dust removal, it is not the case, now the electrostatic filter is widely used in various indoor places, also is one of commonly used air purification equipment, because the particles can be very small, small to zero point zero one micron particles can be removed, the application of the filter, can make our body from a lot of particles.

of course, the advantages of this filter has a lot of, such as Shanghai he yi electrostatic filter purification equipment production, the price of it is that most people are acceptable, and covers an area of small equipment, no secondary pollution, capture of the particles are very accurate, purification efficiency can reach above ninety-five percent, because wo yi's electrostatic filter has so many advantages, so it was deeply loved by consumers. Believe in the future, there will be more and more people are applying a filter, let it be your close-fitting air purification experts around you.

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