Electrostatic effect of the air filter and chemical filters

by:Booguan     2020-11-09
Air air filtration product equipment

air filter is a kind of air filter, this filter is usually used in some clean workshop and some clean workshop, also used in some of the clean operating room, in addition to these places will be used in some of the electrical machinery communication equipment, air filter mainly has five models, at the beginning of the five models were effectively filter, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filter, the efficient filter and high efficiency filter. You know about this kind of equipment, the electrostatic effect and chemical filter? Let's learn the electrostatic effect and chemical filters.

first of all, let's learn the air filter products manufacturers to learn this kind of filter electrostatic interactions. In life, may be because of a certain reason, fibers or particles may bring some charge, charge which tend to produce some electrostatic effect; Some charged the filtering material in the process of using it often very obviously improved. What reason is this? production and technical personnel told us that this is because the electrostatic dust can make change trajectory, after changing trajectory will hit some obstacles, electrostatic will make the dust in the medium viscosity is very strong.

air filter manufacturers technical staff told us that if a material can be static, this material will be a lot of people called 'electret materials. When these materials with electrostatic resistance would not be changed, it improve the filtering effect will be very good. Static electricity in the filtering effect, usually won't be too much of a role, so what is the role of electrostatic? Technical personnel said, it is in this place the role of the main supporting role.

then, we'll learn the chemical filter air filter. This kind of filter for some harmful gas molecule it can selective adsorption. In the activated carbon material, we can see a lot of micro hole, is usually the microporous have larger adsorption area. Activated carbon in the air filter material. Its adsorption is mainly manifested air filter.

this is air filter products manufacturers is introduced to share with your friends electrostatic effect of the air filter and chemical filters. Electrostatic interactions can make its filtering effect is very obvious improvement, its chemical adsorption is mainly reflected by the inside of the activated carbon.

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