Electrostatic air filter several characteristics of the user's heart

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
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there are a lot of the kinds of filter, and each kind of filter has its own unique characteristics, electrostatic air filters, for one, found after comparing characteristics of electrostatic air filter or a lot. Here we compared the difference between electrostatic air filters and filter media, after contrast will find it obvious features.

priority and work efficiency. The higher the working efficiency of the filter, the more can create more value. Electrostatic air filter products filtration precision can reach 98%, high and medium filter air filtration product precision can only reach 95%, from the sense that the working efficiency of the former can offer a rough in the two-stage filter medium.

second, resistance. The filter will have certain resistance, in the process of running but resistance as little as possible. Electrostatic air filter not only small resistance, even can keep a stable resistance range, so as to realize the effect of repeated washing. Filter media in general can be used only once, the resistance will increase constantly in use process, all the way to the blockage, once the blockage is discarded, only replace the new filter.

third, surface wind speed. Under the same section size measurement, electrostatic air filters of the actual air volume can be increased.

4, the service life. Electrostatic air filters can be available for a long time of repeated use of sex, and medium filter normally only use half a year to a year's time, from this perspective, the service life of the former is more long, and lower operating costs, and save a lot of cost for the user.

in general, the advantages of electrostatic air filters or many, filter in fact not how complex products, production technology of this product is simple. As for the price, it is also now a lot of users are very care about, different kinds of filter price certainly is not the same, when choosing also should combine their own situation, to find a more suitable for their own products.

electrostatic air filter features a lot of, at present this type of filter used in the textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, aviation industry and so on, although is just a normal product, but the coverage, contribute to the development of a variety of industries. The electrostatic air filter technology will continue to improve and perfect, for there will be more amazing performance.

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