Electrophoresis filter bag, nylon filter bag, filter bag - plating Choose the different filter bag need to know

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
Filter bag

to select filter bag, we must first understand their needs, after all, only know how to do its own filtering first work, the demand for filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect how, can know you need to choose which type of filter bag, such as whether it is need to electroplating filter bag, filter bag or electrophoresis, or nylon filter bag, as we mainly use the filter bag filter work late. Wo yi small make up next to analysis on how to choose filter bag for you.

clear own filtering requirements

it is recommended that a clear own filtering requirements, such as how to air filtration product precision and filtration efficiency, which type of filter bag can meet your requirements. From the point of view of the current situation, many people are still not aware of their needs, blindly buy filter bag, filter bag could easily lead to buy actually unable to meet the needs of their own, filtering work is not up to standard, or filter efficiency for other production work backwards. Recommended when the choice, to clear their own needs first, then compare the filter bag type, and then buy different filter bag.

clear special filtering is

the second is to consider the special filter, from the point of view of the current situation, some manufacturers in filtering work, environment or the filter material is there is a certain special circumstances, such as filtering environment temperature is relatively high, so it is only natural that the choice can be high temperature resistant filter bag filter the job, if the filter material has certain corrosion, you need to buy anticorrosive stronger filter bag, and some work to use nylon filter bag is better, and some of the work concerns the effectiveness of using electroplating filter bag is better, so according to different filter, choose different filter bag, is wise.

select high cost performance of the filter bag

when selecting filter bag, of course, choose high cost performance of filter bag is more important. For example when choosing filter bag, must first consider the functions and features, when meet the functions and features, see how much is the average price of filter bag, in what kind of floating range is more normal, and then combined with prices to choose more appropriate filter bag, so to buy the filter bag of price is relatively high.

at the time of purchase of filter bag, want to choose on their own actual situation, at the same time take into account the price of the filter bag and use effect, so as to make more appropriate filter bag with their own work. So you choose electroplating filter bag, or electrophoresis filter bag, or nylon filter bag, recommendations shall be carried out in accordance with the above advice to the shopping.

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