Efficiency of automotive cabin air filters to reduce acute health effects of diesel exhaust in human subjects.

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Abstract objective: to evaluate the efficiency of air filters in different engine rooms in order to prevent the penetration of diesel exhaust gas components and thus reduce the biomedical effect of human body.
Filtered air and unfiltered diluted diesel exhaust (lng) were used as negative and positive controls, respectively, and compared with exposure to lng filtered using four different filtration systems.
Method: Health
Smoking target (21 years old-
53) participated in the study.
Each subject was exposed 6 times in a specially designed exposure chamber for 1 hour: one exposure to the air, one exposure to unfiltered heledo, and one exposure to four
The concentration of particles exposed to unfiltered Calais remained at 300 micrograms per cubic meter.
Two of the filters are particle filters.
The other two are particle filters combined with activated carbon filters, which may reduce some gas composition.
Subjective symptoms were recorded and nasal airway perfusion, nasal acoustic measurement and lung function measurement were performed.
Results: two particle filters reduced the concentration of the exhaust particles of the diesel engine by about half, but did not decrease the intensity of the symptoms caused by the exhaust.
The combination of activated carbon filters and particle filters significantly reduces the symptoms and discomfort caused by diesel exhaust.
In reducing the detection of unpleasant odors from diesel exhaust gas, the most significant difference in efficacy between filters was found.
In this regard, the combination of the two charcoal filters is also very different.
The efficacy of reducing symptoms may depend on the ability of the filter studied to reduce certain hydrocarbons.
No acute effects were found on NAL, nasal measurements and pulmonary function variables.
Conclusion: This study shows that the use of activated carbon filters and particle filters significantly reduces the intensity of symptoms caused by diesel exhaust.
Supplementary Studies of in-vehicle air filters may further reduce the biomedical effects of diesel exhaust gas in subjects exposed to traffic and workplace.
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