Dust removal equipment filtering material to choose which good?

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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it is well known that the dust pollution is always can't avoid the difficulty in the cement industry production operation process, now the industry using the method of dust removal is mainly electrostatic precipitator and bag dust removal equipment of these two.

according to the different processing characteristics, contrast in bag dust removal equipment, electrostatic precipitator operating and maintenance cost is low, only under the same size dust removal effect of slightly. But given the cement industry production of large amount of dust, working efficiency of electrostatic precipitator dust removal equipment performance, company management ability, the production line more influence factors such as working conditions, dust removal efficiency is different, only a small number of cement production enterprises in China can do our country related with electrostatic precipitator dust emission standard. Less because of that, finite element corresponding, higher dust removal efficiency of cloth bag filter became the more preference of the cement production enterprise to reduce dust emissions.

but, choose suitable filter bag is cement production enterprises choose cloth bag filter equipment must deal with a difficult point. Nowadays our country cloth bag filter, many different kinds of raw materials, in the cement preheater dust removal equipment utilization, mainly contains pure P84 filter bag, P84 composite filter bag, glass fiber filter bag laminating machine, domestic PI filter bag and so on. In view of the own characteristic of different raw materials, all kinds of filter material in the application of the filtering effect in the process of operation and service life, especially poor pressure level exists bigger difference.

the industry point out that the stand or fall of filter bag raw materials must be from the dust removal effect and service life and operational energy consumption level in combination with the factors for consideration. Now use of filter material in cement production enterprises in China, the early stage of the operation is usually most can do better dust removal effect, but with the passage of time, not the same as the difference of raw materials to each other is more obvious.

it is known that most of the fiber filter material is round or close to the style of the circular cross section, in the process of obstruct the operation of the dust, not obstruct dust invasion of filtering material, which caused the blocking of filtering material clearance, for a while after application, even a ash leakage happens. And smoke through the resistance will be increased, so that the operation of bag precipitator pressure difference increased, operation energy consumption will continue to ascend. Typically, induced draft fan energy consumption occupies the cement production enterprise for most of the bag filter operation cost, even more than the cost of the filter bag.

pure P84 filtering material, for example, all using P84 leafy type special fiber, can make a good surface filtering effect, dust into the filtration material internal hard, can be reasonable and effective to avoid dust blocking air filtration product material gap caused by air resistance become big problems. In life, the pure P84 filter bag in the use of the preheater are usually can do four years on, rarely seen in normal cases, application of pure P84 filter bag in the 4 - The problem occurs within five years. Even a using pure P84 cement preheater of filter bag dust removal project, the service life of the operation for 7 years, and pressure difference in rising only 100-7 years 200Pa。

through the above introduction, you can see that in the cement production enterprise, although electrostatic precipitator dust removal effect is good, but its affected factors are many, therefore better dust removal equipment or choose a better bag dust removal equipment.

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