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by:Booguan     2020-10-29
Filter products

different air filter products core has different characteristics, can do work air filter products is also different, how should choose? In the process of selection is important to pay attention to what issues? Actually want to choose, to understand the needs of the air filter core and clear oneself is very critical, chongqing air filter core manufacturer to tell you that in the process of choosing whether to need to pay attention to what problem.

air filter core characteristics of different

1, fold filter: the filter air filter core is mainly is to use polypropylene composite membrane as main filter material, belongs to the fixed type deep filter filter, filtration precision from 0. 1 microns to 60 microns. This kind of air filter core air filtration product precision is relatively high, the filtering effect and the safety is good, won't appear the situation of the dielectric loss, and no pollution, so a lot of medicine and food industry will choose this air filter core.

2, stainless steel filter: this kind of air filter core is adopting multi-layer stainless steel sintering network of chongqing, filtration precision to 2 microns to 200 microns. Stainless steel air filter core is the feature of heat resistance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are very good, uniform porosity, filtering effect is stable, can work under the condition of the low and high temperature, also can recover more than 90% after cleaning ability of filtering is very economic and practical.

3, activated carbon filter, active carbon particles in the air filter core is adding binder heating sintering and become, not only have the ability to filter and have certain ability to purify, air filtration product precision of 10 microns. Chongqing air filter core factory share, this kind of air filter core can be very good organic matter and bacteria in the air, corrosion resistance is also very good, can do it discoloration and the effect of the peculiar smell, but bearing capacity is not very well.

how to choose the suitable air filter core?

how to choose the right air filter core? Actually have to do is look at their own enterprise, know what they need to what kind of air filter core, such as low pressure air filtration, purification and need to a certain extent, have to do work, so choose activated carbon air filter core is certainly more appropriate, if you need any resistance and endurance are strong, the choice of stainless steel air filter core is more appropriate. Chongqing air filter core manufacturers recommend clear their own needs first, starting from the demand to choose the appropriate air filter core.

the above three is the more common air filter core, chongqing air filter core manufacturers recommend first to understand their needs, and then compare which kind of air filter core can meet your demand, then choose the appropriate air filter core.

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