Do I really need to replace my car’s cabin air filter?

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
My problem is the necessity of the cabin air filter products.
The dealer wanted about $50 to replace it and I saw online that their price was only $7. 00.
I don\'t believe I really need this filter, but I see you comment that it is important.
Do I really need to use expensive filters? A.
Changing the cabin filter is usually a very simple operation for most carsit-
Your own project, I personally change the filter when it gets dirty, not based on mileage.
I check my car filter once or twice a year and change it when it\'s dirty.
One of our cars has been three years and I have just recently replaced the cabin air and engine air filters.
I replaced the more expensive factory filter with the aftermarket filter and it turns out that this is a company that offers the original filter for about half the price.
I replaced the cabin and engine air filter for less than $25.
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