different types of air filters explained

by:Booguan     2020-08-29
If you want better indoor air quality then you need a high quality air purifier.
Air purifiers can reduce allergens that can aggravate allergies and asthma in the air.
The air in the air purifier is dirty and polluted, and fresh and clean air will enter your home.
The type of air filter in the air purifier determines the way the air purifier works-
And how it works.
The HEPA FiltersHEPA air filter products sets the standard for the air purifier today.
In the 1940 s, the United StatesS.
The Commission has developed HEPA (
High energy particulate air)
A filter trying to filter radioactive contaminants.
To be classified as a HEPA filter, it must capture at least 99.
97% of the pollutants at 0. 3 microns.
HEPA filter capture particles 25-
50 times smaller than the eyes can see. The ultra-
The fine fibers in the HEPA filter capture microscopic particles through a combination of diffusion, interception and inertial impact.
For smaller particles, diffusion occurs when the random motion of the particles causes them to collide with the fibers.
Interception occurs when larger particles collide directly with fibers.
When the inertia of a particle causes it to collide with the fiber, this is called an inertial collision.
You may have heard of HMRC or high efficiency gas adsorption filters as well.
For Austin air, the minimum efficiency of the HMRC filter must reach 99.
According to the standards of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, 9%, chemicals, gases and odors are filtered using an \"absorber\" filter.
Adsorption filtration combines carbon or carbon/zeolite particles into a carbon cloth filter to capture gas particles.
For HMRC filters, a filter method for the adsorption device must be designed, built, filled and packaged to meet these specific criteria.
The HMRC air filter must also remove irritating substances such as dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and pet dandruff in order to be considered a HMRC filter.
The Austin air allergy Machine series includes HMRC filtration.
Austin airlines has discovered and developed a new HMRC technology that includes weaving carbon into lightweight fabrics.
Austin air allergy machine is an ideal air purifier for people who want to remove gas, steam and odors, as well as allergens and other particulate matter.
The activated carbon filter removes gas, odor and chemical toxins.
Treat carbon or activated carbon with oxygen to open millions of small holes between carbon atoms.
Activated carbon can absorb odor substances in gas or liquid.
The term \"adsorption\" refers to the way pollutants are attached to charcoal through chemical attraction.
The large surface area of activated carbon provides it with thousands of pores that capture pollutants.
When chemicals and contaminants pass through the carbon surface, they are immediately attracted and captured by the filter.
Some carbon filters are treated with additional chemicals, such as potassium iodine or potassium permanganate, which improve the ability of carbon filters to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
And other chemical reaction gases.
The activated carbon filter can absorb a wider range of pollutants.
The AllerAir air purifier uses an activated carbon filtration system to effectively clean the indoor air.
The AllerAir model has a cylindrical shape of the maximum airflow, effective four
Stage filtration system and quiet fan.
Static filters such as activated carbon filters and electrostatic filters attract pollutants.
Static filters use static electricity to clean air, not carbon.
Static electricity is generated by pushing air through a maze of static fibers.
When particles in the air pass through fibers that are prone to static electricity, they are attracted by static electricity and captured in the filter.
The particles remain on the collection board until they are washed or removed by the HEPA vacuum cleaner hand.
By using static electricity, you don\'t have to worry about replacing the filter because most electrostatic air purifiers use collection boards to capture contaminants and can be cleaned easily.
However, in order to ensure effective air cleaning, the collection board must be cleaned regularly.
In addition, unlike the HEPA filter, some electrostatic filters produce ozone, a dangerous lung-stimulating substance that causes asthma and allergic symptoms, as well as other breathing problems.
Buying an air purifier that does not emit ozone will increase the amount of air that is really clean in your home.
The fredrish air purifier has the best electrostatic filter on the market with the smallest amount of ozone emitted.
The charged media filter also uses electrostatic energy.
The media filter is made of synthetic fibers, charged through the manufacturing process and kept charged during use.
This charge attracts particles in the air, giving them an electrostatic charge before capturing them into the fibers of conventional filters.
The energy cost of the charged media filter is relatively low and the efficiency is extremely high.
However, as the filter gets dirty, it becomes resistant to the airflow, and the more dirty the efficiency is.
Therefore, in order to get the best performance, the charging media filter must be replaced on a regular basis.
Charged media air purifiers are known for their energy
Efficiency and quiet;
Some of them, however, may produce ozone.
The Blueair air purifier is filtered with the best charging media and does not emit ozone, which is very quiet and efficient.
The hybrid air filtration system maximizes its effectiveness by using a variety of technologies.
The mixed air purifier adopts a combination of various filtration methods, each of which increases the overall effective quality of the air purifier.
The most effective air purifier uses a combination of the above filters.
The combination of air filtration systems is the next revolutionary step in cleaning indoor air quality.
Each filter, however, has its own unique area of air cleaning.
It is important to determine what your air cleaning needs are and to study and find the filters that best suit you and your needs.
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