Description buy aaf filter box of things to consider

by:Booguan     2020-11-06

at the time of purchase aaf filter box, or more need to be aware of things, for example want to buy the price is suitable aaf filter box, you need to pay more attention to the recent aaf price dynamic filter box, at the same time know what kind of aaf filter tank quality is better, but in addition, also need to think about yourself whether you need what kind of aaf filter box, which kind of aaf filter box can meet their own needs.

note filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect

you need to focus on the first filter is the aaf box of filtration efficiency and filtration effect, enterprises generally get to know their own production process, the need to filter work situation, such as need to filter medium high cleanliness after filtered, and the workload is bigger, the need for air filtration product efficiency and aaf filter boxes that are better filtering effect. , of course, if the demand is low, buying ordinary aaf filter box can finish the work, need not have been the pursuit of high efficiency and high precision of aaf filter box, to buy the right to avoid waste money.

pay attention to the characteristics of filter medium

when buying aaf filter box, of course, also need to pay attention to the characteristics of the filter medium. Some filter medium with corrosive, or a need to filter out the material in the filter medium with a certain corrosive, or harm the aaf filter box of filter material, then the need to purchase a certain resistance aaf filtering tank. After all filter to aaf box damaged, can reduce the service life of the aaf filter box, if only in order to save the cost of purchase ordinary aaf filter box, late aaf filter box of replacement parts and maintenance costs and will exceed the purchase price of aaf filter box.

pay attention to the influence of filtering environment

of course also need to pay attention to is filtered environment, a lot of time filtering environment also can affect aaf filter box of work and life. For example in the case of high temperature, some material is relatively active, filtration efficiency and working at this time will be affected, at the same time the problem of too high may cause aaf filter tank damage, so must choose patience at this time is relatively good aaf filter tank for filtering.

want to buy the right aaf filter box, can from these aspects to think, after all these aspects into consideration, can choose to let the aaf filter box is more suitable for their own work.

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