demystifying the myths of cold air intakes

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
For car enthusiasts, the cold air intake is one of the most popular refills.
But how effective is cold air intake?
I personally prefer the normal or short ram air intake instead of the cold air intake.
Recently, I drove thousands of miles across the country.
So I went to the local Jiffy oil company to change the oil.
The mechanic tried to sell me a new air filter products but I chose to postpone it.
They didn\'t give me much, so I thought I \'d at least look at some air filters with good performance if I had to spend money anyway.
I started doing some research and found that there are two types of after-sales market air intake that people like: Short ram air intake or cold air intake.
The two names are almost self-explanatory.
The short stamping air inlet has a shorter pipe.
The cold air inlet has a longer pipe, allowing the air inlet to breathe in the cooler air as it is further away from the engine.
It sounds reasonable, but then my curiosity made me the best.
I\'m a little unclear about the ability of cold air to enter.
If you pop up under the hood after a long drive, you know everything under the hood is hot.
Would it really be important if the intake head was 1 feet further away from the engine?
Moving the air inlet is like putting a pot in the oven;
It will be hot no matter where it is, as it is in a closed area with limited airflow.
Secondly, the pipe of the cold air inlet is long, which means that the distance between the air and the engine is long.
I\'m not a car expert, but I know the general principle behind the turbo engine and increasing horsepower.
Horsepower comes from an equation in which the main factors are the gas flow and air density of the engine.
If the cold intake is longer and bent in order to reach different parts of the engine compartment, it takes longer air to reach the engine.
In addition, the elbow in the cold air pipeline prohibits the maximum airflow;
A short straight pipe is ideal.
Now, although the short ram entrance is breathing warmer air because of its location, it will begin to breathe in cooler air as your car accelerates.
Of course, it may not give you that much horsepower when you are parking the sign, but, who cares?
The weather should also be taken into account.
If you live in Florida, 94 degrees away, it doesn\'t matter where your intake is;
You won\'t get cold air.
Even if you\'re in advanced driving conditions, the air will be cooler 1 feet away?
Would you really miss or even feel it if you lost an Hp?
I can see that if you\'re Vin Diesel in speed & Passion, competing for pink card strips, then you might want to make the most of your car.
But before that, I thought the normal air filters and the short ram air filters were a better option because they were cheaper.
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