Decrypt the repeated use of the activated carbon filter filter materials are secret

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

active carbon filter filter material can be reused? For many, this problem is very troubling, listen to, after all, some say, as long as it is proper, activated carbon filter can be repeatedly used, but some people say that again, repeatedly used will affect the filtering effect, what a saying about? Wuhan activated carbon filter for this problem be resolved for everyone.

active carbon filter in the filter material can be repeatedly used

active carbon filter in the filter material is activated carbon, activated carbon is known to all, in the process of adsorption of contaminants is adsorbed by its porous structure, when long time use of activated carbon, activated carbon pore is more than enough the adsorption of pollutants, the activated carbon in the saturated state, can't again the adsorption of pollutants, can use a certain way, at this time to cleaning of activated carbon, and then let the contaminants from activated carbon, activated carbon for activated carbon regeneration '.

wuhan activated carbon filter manufacturer to remind everybody, activated carbon regeneration method is very much, have some of the more professional approach, such as heating method, biological method, wet air oxidation, solvent method, electrochemical method, and so on, these method is unable to gain access to many ordinary manufacturer, but want to regeneration effect is better, you can find the special activated carbon regeneration factories for processing, some methods of exposure are useful, but the effect is not very good.

active carbon filter filter material will break,

wuhan activated carbon filter manufacturer to remind you that although activated carbon filter can regenerate, but because you want to use some methods in the process of regeneration, let the pollutants from activated carbon, so will inevitably cause certain destruction to activated carbon, the activated carbon is unable to continue to use at this time. Wuhan activated carbon filter manufacturers think, after each time will be activated carbon regeneration, again before put into use, all need to activated carbon filter, activated carbon's chipped some if put into use again, not only cannot complete filtering work, and even cause secondary pollution filter.

wuhan activated carbon filter manufacturers think, activated carbon filter in the filter material is can work through continuous regeneration, repeated use. But also want to remind you, although you can use repeatedly, but the use effect is good, also need to look after the regeneration of filter material screening work have done.

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