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by:Booguan     2020-09-01
I drove a Perodua kemadedvvt, 2003, which had no cabin air filters.
Most old cars also don\'t have cabin air filters.
Since kemoto is a heavily reregistered Terios, I am assuming that due to less stringent regulations, it may be just for cost-effectiveness that the cabin air filter products cabin is not up to the Malaysian model.
Well, it has a poor one I recorded a few years ago.
So I decided to upgrade the old botched one with a more appropriate one.
So this model works for some old cars.
Measure size.
You can\'t usually buy these things, just buy them.
This is a custom job.
So you need to measure where you want to place the cabin air filter products.
Usually, the air inlet of the air conditioner is where you want to install the filter.
It is usually located behind the glove box that your car is easy to disassemble.
Measure and make sure you measure the tolerance as well.
You get the filter first.
Buy from eBay. It\'s 2USD.
Just search for \"cabin air filter\" on ebay \".
I bought it for $1. 75 a while ago.
After 2 weeks to a month, you will get something sweet in the post.
Take a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun.
Buy some materials. The cardboard is very good.
But I used plastic plates because I bought them for free.
Cut the filter and re-create the required size.
This is important.
You must measure the exact size first.
This is because if you mess up the size, your life will be a mess.
Like they said \"measuring 15 times and still screwing up bwahahaha.
Do not cut the board as a size guide for the filter and glue the sides of the filter to the board. Tadaaaa. . .
A custom size filter has been completed.
The adapter will serve as the housing for the cabin air filter in the car.
Like your house.
Wait, this is not comparable at all.
This design, you think. I did.
All cars are designed differently.
So you really have to design custom shapes for your own car.
Unless you\'re the same car as me. Tape it up.
Just make sure to test first if it fits the filter.
I made a flap similar to a normal commercial carton so that I could easily open and close it.
If the measurement is correct, the adapter should fit exactly where you want it to be.
Tie the adapter to the air inlet.
You can use double-sided tape.
I don\'t, because the tolerance is not allowed in my case.
Tie it up correctly.
Insert the filter into the adapter and close the latch/door of the adapter.
Don\'t forget to test the air conditioner.
Make sure there are not too strict restrictions on the air.
It works well in my case.
There you have it, a fictional thing, and it may be ignored from the final design of the car due to cost and expense.
* The filter will only filter dust, dirt in the air, hair and a little air pollution.
* The filter does not filter the virus in the air, the bad smell, the hate, the fart, the smell of your dirty foot or any regrettable facial expression.
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