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Cummins Inc.
Established in February 3, 1919 to design, manufacture, distribute and serve diesel and natural gas engines and engines
Related component products including filtration, post-processing, turbochargers, fuel systems, control systems, air handling systems and power generation systems.
The company\'s departments include engines, power distribution, components and power systems.
The company sells products to the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs)
Dealers and other customers around the world.
As of December 31, 2016, the company provides services to customers through a network of about 600 dealer locations and more than 7,400 dealer locations in more than 190 countries and regions.
The engine segment of the engine fine branch manufactures and sells a range of diesel and gas powered engines under the Cummins brand for heavy and medium engines, as well as certain customer brands
Buses, leisure vehicles, trucks (RV), light-
Markets for automobiles, construction, mining, oceans, railways, oil and gas, defense and agriculture.
The company produces a range of engine products, including engines with a displacement range of 2.
Through its distribution network, 8 to 15 liters, horsepower from 48 to 715, various parts and services, as well as re-manufactured parts and engines.
The power range of diesel and natural gas engines produced by the company ranges from 310 to 605 hp, serving the global heavy-duty-
Truck customers mainly in North America, Latin America and Australia.
The company produces diesel and gas engines of 130 to 450 hp.
Customers of trucks and buses around the world, including North America, Latin America, China, Europe and India.
Its applications include pickup and delivery trucks, professional trucks, school buses, buses and shuttle buses.
The company also provides diesel engines for A-Class car homes mainly in North America.
The company produces diesel engines of 105 to 385 hp, including engines and light commercial vehicles in the North American pickup market (LCV)
Markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
The power range of diesel engines produced by the company ranges from 48 to 715 hp to the global market, including mining, marine, railway, oil and gas, defense, agriculture and construction equipment, as well as the generation business of backup, mobile and distributed generation solutions around the world.
The company sells its industrial engines to manufacturers of construction, agriculture and marine equipment.
The distribution division of the company as of December 31, 2016 includes 36 owned and 6 joint venture dealers, they provide services and a range of products to end users at around 450 locations in more than 80 distribution areas.
The distribution department consists of a product line that serves and/or distributes a range of products and services, including parts, engines, power generation and services.
The distribution sector is divided into geographical regions, including North and Central America; Asia Pacific;
European and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)and China; Africa; Middle East;
India and South America.
As of December 31, 2016, the Asia-Pacific region consists of six regional distributor organizations: South Pacific, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.
The company\'s distribution network consists of distributors who provide parts and services to customers. These full-
Service Solutions include maintenance contracts, engineering services, and integrated products.
The company\'s dealers also serve and develop dealers in their region by providing new products, technical support, tools, training, parts and product information, mainly OEM dealers.
The distribution department manages the performance and capabilities of the company\'s independent distributors.
The component segment of the component sub-branch provides products for commercial diesel applications, including post-processing systems, turbochargers, filtration products, and fuel systems.
The company produces filtration systems for on and offhighway heavy-duty and mid-Range equipment.
The company is a supplier of filter products for industrial automotive applications.
The component part consists of operations such as emissions solutions, turbine technology, filtration, and fuel systems.
The company\'s emissions solutions business is committed to designing, manufacturing and integrating commercial, on-and off-site post-processing technologies and solutions
Light, medium and heavy roadsduty and high-
Horsepower engine market
Post-treatment is the mechanism used to convert engine emissions of standard pollutants, such as particulate matter (PM)
Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Not combustion of hydrocarbon compoundsHC)
Harmless emissions.
The company\'s products include customized engineering systems and integrated controls, oxidation catalysts, particle filters, selective catalytic reduction systems, and engineering components, including files and sensors.
The company\'s emissions solutions business mainly serves markets in North America, Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, Australia and India.
The company provides services to OEM first fit and shopfit customers.
Turbo technologies design, manufacture and sales business for light turbochargersduty, mid-range, heavy-duty and high-
Horsepower diesel market
The company\'s turbine technology business provides air handling technology for engines including variable geometry turbochargers.
It mainly serves the markets of North America, Europe, Asia and Brazil.
The company\'s filtration business designs, manufactures and sells filters, coolant and chemical products.
As of December 31, 2016, the company\'s filtration business has provided more than 8,300 products for the first installation and after-sales application, includes Air filters, fuel water separators, lubricating oil filters, hydraulic filters, coolant, fuel additives and other filtration systems to OEMs, distributors/distributors and end users.
Its filtering business supports customer base in a variety of markets, includinghighway, off-
High-speed road sections such as oil and gas, agriculture, mining, construction, power generation, marine and industrial markets.
As of December 31, 2016, the company produced and sold Fleetguard brand products in more than 160 countries including North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa.
Its fuel system business mainly designs and manufactures new and alternative fuel systems for heavy fuelduty on-
Application of highway diesel engine and remanufacture of fuel system.
The power system department of the company consists of business such as power generation, industry and generator technology.
The company designs, manufactures, sells and supports
Up and prime generators from 2 KW to 3 KW.
5 MW for applications such as consumer, commercial, industrial, data center, healthcare, telecom and waste water treatment plants, as well as control, parallel systems and conversion switches.
The company also provides turnkey solutions for distributed power generation and energy management applications using natural gas or biogas as fuel.
The company also serves a global rental account for diesel and gas generating units.
It designs, manufactures, sells and supports high diesel and natural gas
Horsepower engines for mining, railways, defense, oil and gas and various equipment in commercial marine applications around the world.
There are customers in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, South Korea, Japan, Latin America, India, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and Mexico.
Design, manufacture, sell and support AC (A/C)
Generator/alternator products for internal consumption and external generator set assembly.
Its products are sold under the brands of Stamford, AVK and Markon.
The company competes with Daimler and Caterpillar.
Ford Motor Company, Sunfield power company, Weichai Power Company. Ltd.
MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, fiat power system, Guangxi Yuchai Group, GE Jenbacher, Tognum AG, Volvo AB, Yanmar Co. , Ltd.
, Doyitz Co. , Ltd. , Robert Bosch Co. , Ltd. , Donaldson Company, Clarcor Inc.
Mann Hummel group Honeywell-Honeywell International Co. , Ltd.
Warner Tenneco Inc.
Eberspacher Holdings Limited
KG, Denso, MTU fridges shafen Ltd, Kohler Group, GM, Mitsubishi, Marathon Electric and Meccalte.
500 Jackson StPO Box 3005 Columbus 47202-3005P: +1812. 3773842F: 1812.
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