council u-turn over southampton clean air charge

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
Suggestions for charging high-pollution vehicles
Including big trucks, buses and coach
Driving in Southampton will be discarded.
The City Council has proposed the introduction of a clean air zone to reduce carbon dioxide levels.
The company said it could now meet EU restrictions on carbon dioxide by 2020 through \"a complete set of cargo, bus and taxi measures.
Clean-air activists say the new measures will allow the city to \"limbo dancing\" under legal restrictions \".
In public consultation on the implementation of the clean air zone, nearly 10,000 people agreed to the plan and 56% agreed.
The authorities said that the increase in the use of cleaner bus and low-emission taxi incentive schemes, coupled with the use of cleaner fuels and equipment in ports, \"has all succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide in cities \".
A bus that can filter air pollution is also being tried out in Southampton.
The Southampton clean air movement says the city will be \"far from meeting safety limits\", according to the council\'s latest proposal \".
Liz Batten of the campaign team said: \"We question the reliability of the air quality model used in this report, because the city council\'s own measurements show that there are hot spots throughout the city.
In Southampton, diesel cars emit the most carbon dioxide, the report said.
However, there is no proposal to limit their use in the city.
Royston Smith, a Conservative MP for Southampton, said a fee plan would \"cause unspeakable damage to jobs and livelihoods \".
\"The law is clear.
The air quality of the city will be incorporated into legal restrictions in the shortest possible time.
\"The charging plan will not achieve this,\" he added . \".
The New Forest board head also ruled out the cost of vehicles responding to poor air quality at the edge of Southampton.
In May, the city was named by the World Health Organization as a city limited by the level of fine particulate matter pollution.
The plans will be discussed at a meeting in January 16.
The City Council will submit its business case to the government by the end of January.
Southampton is one of five UK cities preparing to introduce a clean air zone by 2020.
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