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by:Booguan     2020-09-07
Hard, flat, tough, strong.
These are the specific words you can use to describe. But green?
This is usually not an adjective that many people would describe as cement-unless, of course, they knocked over a can of Emerald paint in the driveway . . . . . . But here\'s an overview of some new eco-friendly products that are paving the way for green roads.
The workers put Filtercrete (left)and Flexi-Pave (right)
Not ordinary concrete.
Source: CNN/KBIFiltercrete: recently used to the alleys of Green Chicago (
Read the story here)
, Filtercrete is one of the few products that help improve the normal pavement by making it porous.
It is filled with small holes that allow water and air to flow between the surface and the soil.
This reduces runoff to local waterways, while increasing water input to local underground reservoirs.
Since water is unlikely to be trapped in porous concrete, the cracks caused by the freezing of water are reduced.
Filtercrete\'s holes also contain bacteria that break down contaminants such as oil and grease, so water is cleaned when it enters the ground. Flexi-
KB: Flexi, industrial flagship-
Pave adds a green aspect to the porous pavement. Used for ‘low-
Fast surfaces such as sidewalks, walkways and parking lots
Pave is mainly made of recycled tires.
Given that they are used at a rate of one per person per year, there is a lot of wear --
Rubber tires outside can be transferred from the landfill to the sidewalk.
Because it is made of rubber, Filterpave can expand with any frozen water that happens to be stuck in the pores of the product, thus further reducing the chance of cracking.
In addition, the product can also be equipped with underground heating water pipes to help melt snow on the surface of the road surface. “[It]
Trey Wylie, COO, said: \"causing any snow to turn into water immediately and pass the productClients]
The cost of snow removal has been eliminated and chemicals are no longer needed throughout the winter. ”Air-
Purifying concrete: it is still in the research phase, but scientists at the University of tewinter in the Netherlands are developing a concrete that will help remove nitrogen oxides from the air.
Nitrogen oxides are chemicals that cause problems such as smoke and rain, but this new concrete will contain a chemical-titanium dioxide-that converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrate.
When it rains, the salt will rinse from the surface into the drainage system, and the concrete should continue to function over time. “[
Titanium dioxide]
\"It\'s a catalyst, so it can promote the reaction, but it\'s not involved, it\'s not consumed, so it\'s never worn out,\" said researcher Jos Brouwers . \".
Air, he added
It is possible to purify the concrete in combination with the porous concrete products mentioned above, and even can be used for decorative facades of buildings.
It is expected that the results of the concrete performance in the field test in 2009.
How do you like these products?
Where is the green sidewalk from here?
Julia Griffin of CNN Technology reported: Carson Viron material recycling tireshempcrete! ! !
Combine hemp, lime, sand, some cement and a little water, and you get materials that are 7 times stronger, 1 times lighter and 3 times more elastic than concrete.
In fact, there is also a six-century bridge in France, which proves the durability of this ancient building material!
Anything made of oil, coal, wood or cotton can be made eco-friendly with marijuana!
All paper, plastic, paint, varnish, fuel, lubricants, textiles, insulation, plywood, structural components, many health food, cosmetics and medicines, more than 25,000 known products can be made with it! Wow Julia. . great article.
As a serious asthma patient, I would be happy to advocate air purification concrete for my city.
The strange question is, what happens to the discharged salt? PD.
I saw a Time article published by CNN through M. J.
The European nuclear research center is locked in the spiritual aspect of life (
Consciousness after the body stops).
In addition, other articles also tell about the fault of CERN, which will be fixed again now.
Can we hear more of these two stories through our blog?
All the new materials are attractive. Some of them come from waste products.
Epoxy concrete polished with sandpaper makes the item extremely durable.
Sidewalk, fountain, special concrete for shopping malls.
Pellet board, cheaper than plywood.
Some great paint.
These all sound great products, however, if I am a developer, a school, or a municipality that wants to build green, the most important project I want to know first is: 1.
Initial cost premium, if any. 2.
Durability and maintenance cost premium if any. 3.
Better quality and performance compared to ordinary hard surface materials.
If all these criteria are met, the product is worth investing in.
I see two questions. 1.
Titanium dioxide is used in air purification concrete.
Titanium dioxide is obtained through mining.
Those who are really green will think mining is a big problem. no.
Trying to keep Green is an unattainable fantasy that weakens the economy and lowers the standard of living. 2.
Porous concrete.
In areas with snow and ice, the transition between autumn and winter and spring will provide ample opportunities for water to freeze when the temperature drops at night.
During these periods, freezing and thawing within the porous cavity will cause the concrete to break. Just checking.
No conspiracy theory posts yet?
Or is the media reviewing? ?
\"Porous concrete is a form of concrete that is permeable, not solid.
Porous concrete is made by mixing large aggregate materials with mortar, creating a large number of gaps in the \"large surface area\" of the pouring concrete.
Low intensity, special effects in special places.
Adwantage\'s tradeoff weaknesses.
Grawel beds are still needed for drainage holes for downpours.
\"Specific solutions\"
Water is a solution to reduce life span.
Increase the life, replace the ordinary mortar with a special dissoluble adhesive?
Julia, I love the article but am still waiting for the release of the Haldron blog.
I saw CNN report today that CERN has no commission for at least two months. . .
How about more information? . .
It\'s like if something really goes wrong or something goes wrong. . .
Scientists know. . . .
Remember, trust our God. .
This time is kindness. . .
Porous concrete is similar to the possibility of mixing sponge foam, metal, glass, rubber or plastic, and ewen plastic washable filter is in the air purifier.
Closed unit structures such as Styrafoam and astrogel are a good insulating composite building material optimized to meet the design requirements.
Sounds like a good idea.
Porous concrete will be destroyed in the first \"freezing rain\" weather, because water in pores will freeze before there is a chance to pass through.
In the horizontal area, the porous concrete looks good, but on uneven terrain (
The most on Earth
, The movement of water on the concrete prevents the slow movement of the ground below.
Over time, porous concrete roads will go downhill faster than ordinary concrete.
If scientists and environmental activists want to work on better roads, consider replacing black asphalt with something that reflects the sun instead of absorbing the sun as heat.
Large particles of aggregate, there is not enough adhesive to fill the gap.
Pass through the water until it is blocked.
Do plumbers have miniature Pistons?
Bumpy is uneven and severely bruised to his knee on a permeable tennis court.
Not suitable for people with disabilities or high density commercial transportation.
It\'s too complicated for ordinary handyman Henry.
Between high maintenance useful.
Some tests were done on the porous concrete in Wisconsin.
The freeze is really worrying.
However, some of these things have been frozen for 4 years
Unfreeze cycle, almost no damage.
One of the reasons may be that these holes are not fully filled with water, allowing some compliance when freezing/thawing occurs.
However, the designer did take this into account and suggested that this kind of thing might work better in places not too cold.
Edit note: In the fourth graf, when it should be \"Flexi-Pave\" -
Unless I miss something.
I think it\'s cool concrete for small and medium-sized enterprises, they should use it all over the world, especially where the economy is slowly collapsing.
Oh, we will finally get back on our feet. ?
A bunch of sacred cowssayers. . . FYI. . .
Porous/permeable concrete has been in use for several years and has achieved great success.
Read: concrete has been in use for several years.
One of the problems encountered is that as water returns to the system, unwanted contaminants return to the system (e. g.
Oil on the road).
Anyway, the permeability varies greatly depending on the discharge volume (rain).
Maybe we should make our cities more intensive and make our country a country.
In your living room
Suck dirt into a concentrated vacuum system.
Add heating, cooling, perfume, lithium ion, humidity control.
What is the way to control cat fleas?
Regardless of the performance of these particular products, it is great that teams around the world innovate in all areas of human endeavor to protect our planet and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.
If no one is trying to make a difference in these areas, we will definitely get stuck.
Creating successful products requires many such projects to make a difference.
Guys, how is this done.
It is strange to throw stones at this intention.
Cheers to these innovators!
In some cases, materials that require extra care in the preparation, application and maintenance of special effects can exceed ordinary concrete.
For the mixing application of ordinary concrete, I can do it.
Try a small porous batch?
Be sure to think about it [. . . ]
Fill in under \": Building materials |\" and you can track any responses to this entry via RSS 2. 0 feed. [. . . ]Yeah, people!
Cat flea!
We need a specific solution to cat fleas now!
You miss the ecological collection of fleas, the feed of goldfish, the cat likes live fish, and more fleasI have ever had ecology
Nut roommate who refused to put a flea collar on his cat.
There are a lot of fleas in my house that haunt my front lawn and after he leaves, come back every summer to haunt me for three years.
Please put a flea collar on your cat.
Has anyone fired concrete with solar energy?
I can imagine titanium.
The oxide is too expensive as a building material unless it provides the structural strength advantage and filters the building air.
If it only filters the air blown out of the building without providing any strength, I don\'t see anyone paying cash for it.
Perhaps it is possible to convert these contaminated oxides into harmless salts using metals or minerals that are cheaper than titanium.
Or is titanium very expensive because it takes a lot of energy? (
Maybe we can fire titanium with solar energy. . . )Smet? (
I mean, smell, of course.
The third possible advantage of air
Cleaning concrete can prevent corrosion of buildings and thus improve their life expectancyspan.
Wow, I feel this new concrete, they have a dedicated snow house on the market that can take the idea out, but there are a lot of restrictions on the porous road surface, especially the particles filled in small holes. See, e. g.
: The road surface releases nitrogen and discharges waste water, which sounds dangerous because it causes algae reproduction in open waters. Info, e. g.
At: have seen flexi-
Laid in Syracuse, New York.
It looks great and can withstand all the snow they get.
There is a park on the street, and the snow melts faster in winter than in concrete walks. This is a good message.
Thanks for sharing.
Continue the wonderful work, I read a few articles on this website, I think your blog is very interesting and contains a lot of wonderful information.
You can definitely see your passion in the work you write.
The industry wants more passionate writers like you not to be afraid to say what they believe.
Follow your heart all the time
\"If the grass in the other side\'s yard is greener, let him worry about the problem of mowing the grass. Said Fred Allen.
Great, I will definitely pronounce and am impressed with your website.
I didn\'t have any problems browsing through all the tags and related information and it was very simple to access in the end.
I recently found what I was hoping for before you knew it. Quite unusual.
I might appreciate it for those who add forum or website topics.
The tone way your client communicates. Excellent task.
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