Coating of toxic or harmful to do activated carbon air filter easily solve the problem for you

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

when decorating, will use a lot of paint, paint is poisonous and harmful, however, such as emulsioni paint, fangci paint and so on, if do not pay attention to, might cause great harm to the body. So how to reduce the toxic and harmful substances? Now many families are using activated carbon in the air filter, and use the effect is very good.

the kinds of coating has a lot of, whether to choose what kind of coating has its own advantages, but attention or coating of environmental protection, but few coating can achieve the real environmental protection. Such as imitation ceramic coating. Fangci paint is the use of water-soluble colloidal solution of the mixture of methyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose as a solvent for mixed powder, at present there are two kinds, one kind is tough film, light, like a porcelain glaze of solvent-based resin coating, its adhesion is very strong, has the abrasion resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, and so on. There is a water soluble resin, are mostly white coating is given priority to, look like a porcelain glaze, smooth and exquisite, not foaming, the drum. But this kind of coating is not water resistant, and construction will be very troublesome, color is also a single, not a very good decorative.

even so, these coatings are poisonous and harmful material, the use of these coatings after decorating, can live in the house at once. Need to open the Windows of the room, ventilated for a period of time. Now people are very valued to environmental protection and health, in order to ensure the safety and health, many families buy activated carbon air filter products in advance, and then installed in the room, the room of almost all kinds of poisonous and harmful substances, and then move in.

this equipment can effective adsorption of poisonous and harmful material, pure and fresh feeling, the room people in such an environment, also won't worry about influence your body healthy. Now there are many places on the market sales of activated carbon air filter, people can buy according to their actual demand.

coating poisonous and harmful? How to control effect is good? Above made simple introduction to you, if you also just decorate good house, if you also want to live in the new house, so might as well choose activated carbon air filter, this kind of high quality equipment for you to build a clean and pure and fresh nest, let your health and safety of every day life.

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