Coarse efficiency filter should from which aspects of purchase?

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
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how to buy good quality thick effect filter? Actually when buying crude effect filter, many people may not know where is the key, the also can appear when choose more confusion phenomenon, how should choose? Actually in the process of choosing the coarse of the quality, the service life of the filter and air filtration product precision are critical values, wo yi here small make up to you briefly.

understand the quality of coarse efficiency filter

the first clear affirmation is rude and effect the quality problem of the filter, if the quality of a coarse efficiency filter and is not very good, the stability is not high, use effect also is not very good, often need to repair or replacement, the coarse filter is not worth to buy. When buying crude effect filter can see how thick effect of filter material, and then judge the quality of the filter the coarse effect exactly how, whether is worth to buy, can stable and efficient to finish his work needs to be completed by the filter.

understand coarse efficiency filter service life

of course, in view the coarse efficiency filter, also need to understand the effect of coarse filter service life and long service life, after all, coarse screen pack, to use a longer time. The several factors affecting the service life of the coarse efficiency filter, material and design is very critical, if the coarse filter material is better, the design is relatively good, the strength of the coarse efficiency filter is higher, at this time will be relatively long service life. Suggest that we can ask shops here also can oneself from the coarse filter material to make the corresponding judgment.

clear effect of coarse filter air filtration product precision

of course at the time of buying crude effect filter, air filtration product precision is also very critical, although say coarse efficiency filter filtration precision is not high, but also need to choose the appropriate filtering precision. In general manufacturers can first take a look at our actual needs, and then learn the working process of the filter in the filtration precision and filtration efficiency can be very good combination, and then determine whether the coarse efficiency filter for what you need to filter, buy the coarse filter can meet their actual needs.

you want to buy a good and suitable coarse filter, can from the several aspects to judgment, clear whether the coarse efficiency filter is really what you need to coarse filter.

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