cleaning your home air filter

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
The air filter products is one of the dirtiest parts of the house.
Dust, dirt, bacteria and bacteria in the air are trapped here.
Over time, the sediment in the air filter products will become so thick that the air through it will be blocked, which will not only reduce the efficiency of the heating or cooling system,, reduced air flow into the heating/cooling unit can damage it or cause it to overheat, which is a serious fire hazard.
Air filters are usually located behind the vents that take air out of the room.
This is the so-called return.
There may be more than one filter in your home, so it\'s worth it to identify all the returns for the first time and check each filter so you know what you have to do in the future.
Also keep in mind that some types of filters are disposable and you should not try to clean and reuse them.
Clean household air filter: * enter the air vent, if the ladder is placed on the wall or ceiling * open the air vent, there will usually be a screw or latch to fix it in the appropriate position * once the air vent is opened, get inside and remove the filter.
Different brands have different ways of installing filters, but they are all designed for easy disassembly.
If you have a problem, please check the removal instructions on the manufacturer\'s website.
* Bring the air filter products outside * use a brush to remove all the clogged dirt and debris stuck on the filter * next use a vacuum to absorb the remaining loose dirt from the filter * now set your vacuum to enter blower mode, and blow out any remaining dirt from the filter * wash the filter using a garden hose to let the water flow through the filter in the opposite direction of the airflow (
From back to front).
* Shake any excess water and leave the filter in a dry and ventilated area or dry under the sun.
* It can be put back in place once it is completely dry.
While clean air filters are often part of the household cleaning service duties, sometimes you may need to do it yourself (
Air filters smell when guests come)
So if you have to, it\'s a good idea to be prepared to take on it yourself.
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