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by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter products

filter material is water treatment filter air filtration product material referred to, is mainly used in sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, pure water, domestic water filter. How much for filter material that you know? Next, small make up take you to understand the knowledge about the filter material.

filtering material categories:

filtering material is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is used as a water treatment system of feed water air filtration product of granular materials, generally refers to quartz sand, white coal or ore, etc. The other is a physical separation of filtration media, mainly consists of filter bag, filter, filter, filter paper, and the membrane.

physical filtration material characteristics:

porcelain sand filter material for spherical particles, have relatively stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, better heat resistance to corrosion, sewage, good adsorption properties, particle symmetry, proportion of moderate, use time limit for ten years, to solve the application of natural quartz sand filter material cycle time is short, fragile clay forming silica and retention of organic carbon were secondary pollution problem.

main use:

as a single filter, double filter, double filter, ion exchanger and other filter equipment of filter medium and foundation pad, solve all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment, urban sewage treatment, etc.

rare earth porcelain sand given joined with strengthening and the corrosion resistance of rare earths, in addition to having the features of porcelain sand filter material, further enhance the adsorption properties, chemical stability, very suitable for reverse osmosis system of medium of filtration and ultrafiltration.


1, the water distribution system after the installation, first will be completely clean up debris, filter and dredge water holes and water distribution gap, and then use the irrigation water distribution system inspection whether meet the design requirements.

2, in the filter cavity retainer material and the top of the layers of filtering material high project line as the shop is highly identified.

3, a careful look at different category of retainer materials according to the category of granularity from big to small clean them one by one, in order to the shop.

4, shop is the next layer of filter material should be avoid in term of water distribution system.

5, the thickness of each layer retainer should be accurate fit with a shovel or scraping plate surface, make it close to the level height should be consistent with shop is highly identify horizontal line. The shop is less than or equal to 2 - finished size category 4 mm retainer materials after using the limit rinse rinse intensity, complete hydraulic classification effectively.

size selection:

select the filtering material granularity, generally based on two aspects of filtering and washing needs, first clear quartz sand filter material granularity about category, then estimate the light filtering material of large size and heavy filtering material of smaller particle size. To avoid interlayer doping, shop before filtration material, can be a little bit of quartz sand filter material smaller particle size value, or to reduce its large diameter values. Usually at home, quartz sand filter material granularity category is 0. 5 - - 0. 8 mm, outside the common quartz sand filter material particle size is small, the effective diameter of 0. 4 - - 0. 45mm。

above is the filter material related knowledge introduction, hope that through this article, can make everyone better understanding liao, choose filter material has the certain help for later.

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