Clean steam liquid filter need to be aware of the problem

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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let steam liquid filter to maintain a good state, can make filter working more stable, also can let the gas-liquid filter service life is longer, and this requires regular cleaning and maintenance of vapor liquid filter, don't let the vapor liquid filter attached to the excessive magazine, pollutants and harmful substances, etc. , affect the quality of itself. At the time of steam cleaning liquid filter, need to pay attention to what problem?

note cleaning time

the first thing to notice is certainly gas-liquid screen pack cleaning time point, if the cleaning time is right, you can in the gas-liquid filter just need to wash, to complete the corresponding work, will not delay the normal work, also can maintain good quality of the vapor liquid filter. This needs before using steam liquid filter, timely understanding of vapor liquid filter cleaning cycle, and in the process of work pressure filtration equipment, such as the data, and check the air filtration product efficiency and air filtration product results in time, determine whether the vapor liquid filter need to be clean.

note that cleaning way

in the cleaning of time attention to the way, the wrong cleaning method may cause in the process of cleaning RGL liquid filter is damaged. How to clean, must first understand the vapor liquid filter itself, what material is in the vapor liquid filter, and then select the corresponding detergents. Should pay attention to in the process of selecting the detergent, acid alkali more cleaner is unfavorable choose, the cleaner may corrode equipment, at the same time as far as possible to choose the soft cloth, etc. Also need to pay attention to, can not directly to the gas-liquid filter clean directly on the device, this may lead to a filtering device is damaged.

note drying way

completed after cleaning, can't also stained with water vapor liquid filter installed directly on the device, be sure to do a good job to dry. At the time of drying, drying should try to choose a cool ventilated place, and to put flat the gas-liquid screen pack, don't depend on what place at an Angle, or exposure and put way will lead to deformation of the vapor liquid filter, and this may lead to steam liquid filter cannot continue to use, or is to reduce the efficiency of filtering work.

in the process of using steam liquid filter, want to extend the service life of vapor liquid filter, cleaning method is key, while it is important to note that the several aspects above, the cleaning way to avoid mistakes lead to gas-liquid filter is damaged.

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