Clean room equipment does it include? Clean room construction control

by:Booguan     2020-11-16
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clean room is the basis of the industry is very widely used, in many industrial fields all need to make a clean space, to meet in some high processing requirements. Clean room in construction process, need to involve the choice of the clean room equipment, the following brought everyone together to understand what's included clean room equipment, as well as the clean room construction control.

just as its name implies, clean room can be called a dust-free space, its internal and harmful air particles will be set in the clean room air filtration equipment. For the ministry of clean indoor air quality requirements is very high, so need to do a good job of cleaning in construction, and to seal the whole space construction.

clean room equipment including air purification equipment and air ventilation equipment, in the process of construction, need according to the specific functional requirements, choose the appropriate air air filtration product equipment. In general, the selection of air purification equipment, USES the coupling type of filtering technology to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust in the air, through multi-level different forms of filtering, to eliminate the impurity particles and harmful substances in the air.

when purchasing clean room equipment to construction design in strict accordance with the requirements of the purchasing plan, in particular, focus on the size and structure of the filter type, the different types of filters on filtration performance there is a certain difference. To clean indoor some larger diameter particles can effectively filter in the first by the coarse primary filter, and then through the high efficiency filter, super high efficiency filter, thus reduced to very low levels of impurities in the air.

for clean room, can not really realize completely clean, but the dust in the space can be reduced to very low levels. Besides considering the filter clean room requirements, in the clean room equipment when the choose and buy, also need to focus on other control index of the clean room, such as noise level, temperature, humidity and so on.

clean room as a kind of ideal confined space clean, in the process of construction, will involve the choose and buy of a variety of equipment and materials, in the process of clean room construction, should be timely make good related equipment purchasing list, installation procedures, etc. , in the clean room equipment when the choose and buy, should choose as far as possible some well-known industry clean room equipment suppliers, after-sale will be more secure.

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