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by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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dust bag filter cleaning and how to do it? After all, wants to keep equipment in good filtering level, is bound to do cleaning work well, but how to do a good job of cleaning has a lot of people very headache, don't know should how to do it. In fact when doing the cleaning, have some things must be attention to detail, wo yi small make up to analyze for everyone.

pay attention to the various parts

in the dust cleaning bag filter, the more important thing is to be clean all parts. Currently a lot of people in the clean, know roughly clean direction, but it is easy to ignore parts of careless clean, but in the long term, could lead to these parts because they can't get timely clean, cannot let the air filtration product efficiency and effect of dust bag filter to maintain the original, could also lead to the damage of components.

before cleaning, you have to know the whole situation of the dust bag filter, know the dust removal in the process of cleaning bag filter which need to clean the parts and components, all kinds of parts cleaning method and cleaning taboo, what are the different parts to use cleaning tools. Only to be precise, clean of every parts and components to make dust bag filter to maintain a good quality.

pay attention to the correct cleaning methods

when cleaning dust bag filter, also should choose the right cleaning method. Currently a lot of people in the process of cleaning, habitual grasps empiricism, think he has the experience, according to the previous experience of clean, can very good finish the dust cleaning bag filter, but the reality and imagination is always there is a certain gap. Wo yi small make up recommend, when clean, must first learning and what they buy dust bag filter the matched correctly, clean way.

if it is wrong to clean way, not only can not ensure the cleaning effect, make the quality of the dust bag filter restoration, and it may even make dust bag filter case of damage, to the next filter work, even directly affect the service life of the dust bag filter, dust bag filter maintenance frequency.

in the dust cleaning bag filter, first you have to do is well done each parts clean, after is to master the correct way of cleaning, clean job more effective, also won't appear quality dust bag filter is damaged.

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