clean air boost drives johnson matthey profits higher

by:Booguan     2020-09-07
Chemical Group Johnson Mattel reported on Thursday that the total increase was 48%
The strength of the company\'s clean air division has supported this year\'s revenue, which makes catalytic converters and other pollution filters for cars and trucks.
FTSE 100 said its annual operating profit as of March 31 climbed to 0. 531 billion from 0. 359 billion a year ago, slightly below the consensus expectation of 545.
5 million.
As one of Europe\'s leading producers of automated catalysts, the company has been pushing forward to developing countries, including China and India, which are trying to control the pollution caused by rapid urbanization.
\"Clean air is performing strongly this year and we are investing in new plants to meet future demand, especially from Asia, which will be our next key growth driver, the company said in a statement.
Clean air, which accounts for the company\'s largest share of revenue, increased sales by 11%, while potential profits increased by 13%.
Johnson Mattel with 200
A year ago, it expects operating performance to grow by 2019/20 at a constant rate under medium-term guidance. to-
High single digit growth.
Johnson Mattel traces its origins back to founder Percival Norton Johnson and George Mattel providing wire and foil for power research in the 1800th s of Michael Farah
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