Classification and the use of characteristics of high temperature resistant filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-04
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filter is very common in life, work, a kind of equipment, in recent years, with increasing the demand of users, now filter types are varied, including high temperature resistant filter is a kind of equipment used. About the classification and characteristics of high temperature resistant filter, some users don't know, today we look at how experienced people and introduce.

to take a look at the high temperature resistant filter more classification have? Now about this several common high temperature resistant filter, plate type, folding and HTR. The three types of filters use range, the user can also be combined with their actual needs to choose, so what are the characteristics of them?

priority, plate type high temperature resistant filter. This kind of equipment of raw material is very good, are generally use domestic or imported glass fiber, through the way of the fabric made of composite. Have learned, this kind of fiber strength is very good, flexibility is good, not because the wind resistance is too big and there is the phenomenon of filter material is compressed together, use the filter material, will not affect the amount of dust. In the structure of production and techniques, filter material is intact tile inside the filter, from the visual point of view, is very perfect. As for filters and heat-resistant, generally from 400 to 450 degrees Celsius, good heat resistance, low moisture absorption, long service life, have no combustibility.

second, folding, high temperature resistant filter. This type of equipment used galvanized wire or stainless steel wire mesh produced by folding, its strength is good, filter material is not easy to be broken, and can be normal use in the big air volume of the environment. Filter and heat-resistant in about 250 to 300 degrees Celsius, the filter material filter area is large, big air volume, low resistance, also no flammability.

third, HTR high temperature resistant filter. It is the use of stainless steel frame, and then with the special seal of heat-resistant material, heat resistance from 250 to 319 degrees Celsius, its special glass fiber filter material is used. This kind of equipment is commonly used in the ultra clean drying oven, super clean cleaner and so on industries. What is the classification of high temperature resistant filter, the characteristics of each category is what? Through the above analysis, I believe we have more understanding, every industry equipment used is different, these species enough users to select the

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