Choose the appropriate exhaust filters from these aspects

by:Booguan     2020-11-05
Filter piece

filter is a filter medium is more important, if we can know the characteristics of filter piece, to know that the use of filtering net blades, can well improve filtering stability, needed to make filtering can easily achieve their filtration efficiency and filtration effect, at a time when some problem is you have to learn. Wo yi here small make up to simple analysis for everyone.

how to buy a filter piece

how to buy the appropriate filter? In the process of purchase you need to pay attention to their own needs, that is your own filtering work need what kind of filtration precision and filtration efficiency, and then select have corresponding to the performance of the filter.

in addition to the basic filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect, in the selection filter were still need to pay attention to what? , of course, want to notice the filter chip features, such as filter material, different material of filter adsorption principle is different, the different pollutants adsorption is completely different, and the resistance of different pollutants are also different. If you want to let the filtration efficiency can ascend to a certain extent, it is only natural that the choose and buy material filter for filtering work piece.

of filtering net blades, of course, also need to consider the price, we try to be in the process of buying shop around, compare the quality of filter, the performance and price, try to choose a higher ratio of filter.

how to use the filter piece

in the use of filter were need to pay attention to what problem? , of course, is to maintain the stability of filtering net blades. Everyone in the use of filters, need to know the quality and performance of filtering net blades on the performance and quality the use of reasonable plan and avoid screen pack of overload condition.

at the same time also need to pay attention to is at the right time to filter for maintenance and replacement, if found that the filtering effect in the fall, or some numerical appeared abnormal filtering equipment, you need to see if filter slices in the saturated or breakage phenomenon, and in a timely manner on filter for cleaning and maintenance or replacement.

want to use screen pack better filtering work done, just need to pay attention to buy proper filter, and in the process of using several basic issues noted above, the filter slice all play out, the advantages of better filter filter to filter work.

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