Choose air purification equipment should grasp what tricks?

by:Booguan     2020-11-05
Purification equipment

people will need air purification equipment in the work life, so master the methods of choose and buy is the basic common sense. These professional knowledge is worth learning.

the first is the purchase channels, product brand is numerous, and sales are different, people through the network channels or stores to understand, the key is the channel to professional, such as sales of security products, and enterprises have a good reputation in the industry. And the function of air purification equipment, appearance is different, have differences in performance, if you don't choose the brand products, it is easy to meet. If your family has just finished decorating, then you should consider the formaldehyde, is about to consider is to focus on at this time. But if it's office environment, have been used for many years, is to consider the quality of air purification. So different buyers for the choose and buy of air purification equipment is not the same.

the second is to understand the principle, content is very simple, such as the filtering technology to understand, then to judge the factory's technical level, and the choose and buy of air purification equipment should have a comprehensive view to look at, and should not be too one-sided. For example, we should not only consider the air filtration product efficiency, but also cannot ignore precision and resistance problem, if the resistance is too big, we use also feel not good. Good air purification equipment will better in many aspects, and thus provide better choice for everyone.

the last is to consider the applicable area, it also relates to an indicator, that is to purify air particulate matter, and there are area of formula, with CADR directly with 0. 1 can be multiplied, so investigation pollution purification ability not difficult also. But professional way is to apply area comprehensive matching and combination.

so after has the professional knowledge attainment, the choose and buy of air purification equipment becomes very simple. Some formula will help you to a higher degree of eer, and help you have a good air environment. And we will find that if the energy saving effect is good enough, the cost will drop down.

expert proposal, if you want to be rich in air purification equipment function and role, release quantity, sampling should also be appropriate to consider this aspect also have national standards requirements, so everyone should also see if air purification equipment factory operations in accordance with the relevant provisions, such as the release of ozone is restricted by the standard.

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