Chongqing air filter plate early effect how users to use

by:Booguan     2020-10-29
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

about activated carbon, everybody is very familiar with it, its use is widespread, and has a strong adsorption effect. At present chongqing activated carbon air filter are made, is very popular in the market, and is indispensable in a class of filter equipment industry, annual sales volume is very high.

how much you know about the characteristics of chongqing activated carbon air filter? The introduction is critical. Let's look at the equipment selection, want to consider using the environment quality, both at the same time also should see processing requirements, the classification of the activated carbon is also many, want to combine the specific type of activated carbon air filter of chongqing for consideration.

some manufacturer will also refer to the use of industry standards, the goal is to make more decision-making authority. In general, the choose and buy of chongqing activated carbon air filter can't ignore the following:

in the first place is to look at the mechanical strength, if the mechanical strength is not high, will affect the adsorption rate of equipment, will also affect the adsorption capacity. If the mechanical strength is very strong, then chongqing activated carbon air filter efficiency are secured, the material of the equipment and production technology has a lot to do.

the second is to look at the filter velocity, filter filter speed can not be ignored, it will be affected by the linear velocity, space velocity, but also can remove organic matter, the manufacturer will give you the test of concrete form, people can refer to buy. If the equipment with hydrogen ion exchanger together, also can improve the effect of the impact on the filter speed.

of course, remind everybody here, if you want to use of chongqing activated carbon air filter for a long time, we also must reverse washing work, this is very important daily maintenance and use of the method, technical personnel should grasp exactly.

is to introduce the chongqing activated carbon air filter, because its application range is very wide, such as in the food industry, as well as electronic, chemical industry, etc. Many manufacturers can use hydraulic system, in particular, if there is no guarantee that air filtration product precision, the service life of equipment and the quality will be affected, when considering filter, can have good filtering effect of impurity.

see chongqing activated carbon air filter products quality so good, it will be completely put it stressful work environment, so that we can further enhance the work efficiency, also can work for more production services.

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