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by:Booguan     2020-11-21
Hepa filter products

is used to capture the main function of 0. 5 um particles under various suspended solids and some dust, it can serve as a kind of the end of the filtering system to filter, it USES some of super fine glass fiber paper for filter material. Friends will know some contact with the equipment, in some clean room, equipment and high efficiency filter and there is not much value, but when to replace it would produce some huge economic losses. The economic costs how much? We learn together.

in some plants, some clean room, in the value of it at the end of the in fact is not very high, add them all up estimated output value is less than the user for a couple of hours. But if you need to change at the end of the high efficiency filter, its risk and indirect cost will be quite high. Why is this? Because once you change the filter, you have to stop production, the production will cause some huge economic losses, and the production losses generated by how old, are often the owner is their own. Some owners tell us that they will calculate the loss usually than filter of the high cost of spare parts.

technical staff told us that replace the is a very demanding operation, in the process of changing filters need to be very carefully, any thing in the clean room will be very expensive, if you replace the damaged in the process of a component, its loss is very likely higher than all the full cost of the filter. Replace filter process, also need to test by professional technical personnel, sometimes need to air conditioning system debugging. When the filter was replaced after run-in of these devices also need you. Generally takes three steps, the three steps to testing, debugging and commissioning respectively, the price of the three all together will be how much? This price is the same as the price will probably with the filter.

this is the introduction to share with my friends in the process of replacement of in the huge economic losses. Now that will produce the huge economic losses, the owner of so many smart, they will always try to low prolong the service life of the filter, is not to save money for the filter, but in order to avoid in the process of changing produce some unnecessary expenses.

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