Cement production enterprises how to choose the dust removal equipment?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
Filter products

in some water purification engineering, we often come into contact with the water filter, it is a very common type of filter, mainly used for water purification treatment, can improve water quality, isolation of some impurities in the water molecules and residual chlorine. Water filters are often used in different fields, such as food hygiene or medicine industry and so on.

water filter has the characteristics of automation control system, technically advanced, filter choice mainly filter cotton and activated carbon, for some special environments will choose suitable for fiber material, performance of this kind of material will become more stable, and can resistance to high temperature. Water filter is generally not easy to damage, therefore, the use of long time also can maintain good filtering performance.

at the same time, some modern filter manufacturer production of the volume of water air filtration product products generally small, mobile more convenient, the structure is more reasonable, also cited on control electrical automation control, the control is very convenient, is a kind of rational filter equipment in the field of metallurgy, oil chemical industry.

general standard higher area, for some of the water purification filter media are adopted by the fiber material, generally for synthetic fiber, commonly used fiber ball and fiber bundles. This kind of filter filtration mechanism is fiber medium in the external force ( Hydraulic or mechanical force) Is under pressure after the formation of tiny pore, mainly produce adsorption, the suspended solids in the water filter. Backwashing, make the fiber filter material fleeciness, relieve pressure force of suspended solids by stripping and under the backwashing water flushing has been removed. Due to the very thin fiber materials, pressure after the formation of the pore is very small, so the filtration precision is very high, with a fine filter is ideal.

although fiber filter material water filter to a large number of suspended particles in water have obvious adsorption effect, and later to clean up also more convenient, but if the water and oil will more troublesome, oily difficult cleaning, and high viscosity glue on more easily in a concentrated area of dust, which would affect the filtration performance of a water filter. Therefore, when the choose and buy water filter must understand the applicable circumstances of water filter, in this way can make filters play better use efficiency.

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