Cartridge filters are usually used in what areas?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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the use of the filter is very common, as people's demand is higher and higher, however, under the condition of rapid progress of science and technology, more and more kinds of filters, shape also more to the more, these are all based on demand, cartridge filter is a variety of types of one class, so this kind of equipment are usually used in what areas? We see below in detail.

the cartridge filter commonly used areas:

cartridge filter is usually by taking over, fasteners, barrel, flange cover, about basket equipment, such as above is usually installed in the pipeline, used to remove various types of fluid larger solid impurities, its main function is to make the machinery, equipment or device can work normally run, while achieve stability, can guarantee the safety of production.

at the same time it is also used to intercept of liquid and gas particles and bacteria, the existence of it can largely topic filtering high product quality, so has received the recognition and welcome of industry, so it is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage, electronics, and water treatment and other fields. Field of

a: the beer industry

because of this filter is better than high temperature instantaneous sterilization and pasteurization can keep the taste and quality of beer, so it is in this field in recent years has been very use, of course, it is also used in bottled wine production, and in the process of using, it has become a standard procedure for beer and other wine filtering.

area 2: natural mineral water production

according to relevant statistics show that China is now in the production of mineral water factory has a lot of, when checked bottled mineral water, however, a lot of unqualified because there are widespread microbial contamination, there are many factors that can cause this kind of situation, bacteria is one of them, which were strongly associated with the choice of filtering equipment.

cartridge filter used in membrane air filtration product equipment can well solve these problems, so the use of this equipment can make natural mineral water production reached standard regulation, and the service life of the filter design is very long, when using can use bleaching powder for regular disinfection, such as continuous use after a period of time, can undertake a recoil cleaning, and then continue to use.

so the characteristics of the cartridge filter through their own unique advantages and demanders recognition, won the industry in the process of using the advantages of the play, won the people's high praise, thus escalating in recent years, using field has been expanded, so everyone in the choice to use the device before, must determine its quality seriously.

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