capturing pm2.5 emissions from 3d printing via nanofiber-based air filter

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
This study explores the use of polyhexone (PCL)nanofiber-
Capture pm2 based on air filter products.
5 particles emitted from a molten deposition model (FDM)3D printing.
The generation and aggregation of emitted particles were studied in different test environments.
The results show that :(1)
The PCL nano-fiber membrane can capture the particle emissions of 3D printing ,(2)
Relative humidity plays an important role in capturing the aggregation of particles ,(3)
The generation and aggregation of 3D printed particles can be divided into four stages: PM2.
5 concentration and particle size increase slowly (first stage)
The concentration of small particles is increasing rapidly (second stage)
Small particles gather more large particles, and the concentration growth slows down (third stage), the PM2.
5 rapid increase in concentration and particle size (fourth stage), and (4)
Ultra-fine particles known as \"building units\" are the basis for gathering particles.
This work is of great significance in providing measures to control the emission of 3D printing particles, which will contribute to the wide application of 3D printing.
In addition, this study provides a potential application scenario for nanofibers
Air filters other than laboratory theoretical studies.
3D printing is becoming more and more popular due to fast, high cost
Effective, highly customizable product manufacturing.
Model of molten deposition (FDM)
Is one of the most commonly used 3D printing methods, also known as fuse manufacturing (FFF)
Or molten polymer deposition (MPD).
In this process, the solid thermoplastic wire melts and squeezes from the heated nozzle and then deposits onto the grown product.
Compared with other 3D printing methods such as stereo exposure (STL)
A cheap, easy-to-use, Biotoxic fd3d printer.
Thermoplastic plastics such as ABS, PLA and PC are usually used for FDM 3D printing due to their low melting temperature.
Just like the thermal process of any thermoplastic plastic, gases and particles are emitted during FDM 3D printing. Kim .
Evaluation of emission of ultra-fine particles (
UFP, particles with diameter below 100nm)
And volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Emissions are reported to depend on the material used for the filament. Azimi .
Based on a variety of printers and thermoplastic materials, the emission rates of UFP and VOC are quantified through FDM 3D printing. Stephens .
Measurement of particle concentration and emission rate of UFP using two acrylic-shunding benzene operating desktop 3D printers (ABS)and poly(lactic acid)(PLA). Zhou .
The particle concentration of ABS 3D printing emissions was measured and it was concluded that these particle emissions were highly concentrated in a smaller size range. Deng .
The effects of processing parameters on 3D printing particle emissions were studied, and the results showed that the heating process instead of the printing process would trigger particle emissions.
A brief literature review shows that most particles emitted from 3D printing are very fine particle sizes and can be classified as PM2. 5 (
Particles with a diameter of less than 10 μm).
Specifically, compared to PLA, ABS has proven to be a material that is easier to release particle emissions during 3D printing.
Particulate matter (PM)
Air flights, including UFP, pose a threat to public health and are associated with multiple symptoms and diseases.
Especially PM2.
5 can penetrate the lung tissue and migrate to other organs, thus increasing the incidence of the heart and respiratory system.
Pm2, China, 2015.
Contribute 40.
The total number of deaths associated with stroke was 3% and 33.
Acute lower respiratory tract infection 1% (ALRI,u2009
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