Buy what indoor air purification filters need to pay attention to the character?

by:Booguan     2020-11-01
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in the winter, the air condition is relatively poor, a lot of places even fog is very serious, many families choose to buy indoor air purification filters to improve the indoor environment, but also have a lot of families is bought new furniture, has just completed to decorate, or is so harmful to the body of the element such as formaldehyde, benzene also can fill in the air, and people often buy indoor air purification filter to solve the problem of this part. But the market many of equipment, how to choose the right? From these aspects to determine.

the area of the indoor air air filtration product is required

the first thing to determine is the area of the indoor air air filtration product is required, this determines the enterprise must have the capacity to filter the indoor air purification filters, but this is not to say that the bigger the better. Sometimes need to indoor air cleaning area is large, but for indoor air purification filters do not complete this part of the area of purification, can lead to some place there is no way to purify, or indoor whole purification effect is not good, so the indoor air purification filters is certainly cannot choose. But if blindly buy big filter area, even the area of the filter area far beyond the need to filter, can lead to part of the air filtration product equipment filtering ability at this time is wasted, buying such indoor air purification filters also need to spend more money, it is not appropriate for buying equipment family. So on indoor air purification filters, need to determine the actual area of filtering, then choose ability quite indoor air purification filters.

to indoor air cleaning type

of course also need to confirm that is the type of air purification, namely in indoor air, which need to filter with. , for example, has just completed to decorate the house, at this point in the room is filled with a variety of harmful material such as benzene and formaldehyde, want to filter the material, the choice of indoor air purification filter will need to have the ability of these substances. Such as indoor air special is bad, there's a lot of PM2. 5, you will need to choose to filter the PM2. 5 indoor air purification filters.

in the choice of indoor air purification filters, starting from these two aspects, to better understand their needs what kind of indoor air purification filter, and then select the corresponding, being able to choose the real suitable indoor air purification filters.

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