Buy the filter? Have to attach importance to these factors, which affect the filter price

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
Filter cotton

cotton static electricity is a kind of common filter media, in a lot of filtering equipment will be used, in many industries also play an important role in the production, how can I buy themselves electrostatic cotton? In the process of purchasing need to pay attention to what problem? Actually want to buy into a suitable static cotton, need to pay attention to the following aspects of problems, let everybody in the process of buying electrostatic cotton can be in the right direction.

electrostatic properties of cotton

you need to pay attention to the performance of electrostatic cotton, if the performance of electrostatic cotton couldn't meet your demand, also can't to do a good job of filtering, also cannot ascend the use effect of electrostatic cotton, so what should pay attention to? Actually depends on electrostatic filter principle of cotton, air filtration product efficiency and filtration effect, at the same time to see all kinds of resistance and prevent sexual, see if electrostatic cotton can meet your production needs.

filtering equipment adapter

when buying cotton static electricity, of course, also need to pay attention to what? Of course is with the filtering equipment fitment. As you all know, different filtering work have to use to filter equipment is different, and different filtration equipment adapted by the electrostatic cotton is also have gap, want to better solve these problems, the filtering equipment and recommend to use different types of electrostatic cotton, choose higher static cotton fitment.

static cotton brand

when choosing electrostatic cotton, choose electrostatic cotton brand is very critical, why do you say that? Because electrostatic cotton directly decide the quality of filtering the results of my work, for the determination of the static cotton quality, if there is no very reasonable method, you can from the brand of electrostatic cotton, choosing higher brand awareness, reputation better static cotton, such as electrostatic cotton quality actually more secure, even if there was a problem with the electrostatic cotton purchase, can also be solved within a short period of time.

static cotton prices

static cotton price also we need to take into account, why do you say that? Because in the process of normal use, electrostatic cotton there is loss, if static cotton price is relatively high, may cause the ascension of the production cost, at this time for the overall production cost control is very bad.

want better use static cotton this filter cotton products, want to make the filtering effect can reach your requirements, you need to choose a better anti-static cotton, you can start from the above several aspects.

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