Buy Shanghai purification equipment which need to pay attention to the key information?

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter equipment

more medium filter, as the name implies, is through a combination of a variety of filter medium filter equipment, it is mainly applied to industrial wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment using filters commonly used anthracite - more than media Quartz sand magnetite filter, activated carbon Quartz sand magnetite filter, activated carbon Quartz sand filter, quartz sand - Ceramic filters, etc.

how filter filter layer is how to design? Is there a required for its design? Of course, many media filters design is the following several aspects need to be taken into account.

1, the filter medium with different density difference is larger, ensure the backwash disturbance after mixed layer.

2, according to the production manufacturing objective screening of filtering materials.

3, particulate size required particle size for the bottom of the filtering material is lower than the upper filter material particle size, in order to ensure the lower the effectiveness of filtering material and use.

in fact, in the case of three layers of filter bed, the upper filter material particle size is larger, light filtering material density is small, such as anthracite coal and active carbon; Moderate middle filtering material granularity and density, generally consists of quartz sand; Lower air filtration product material consists of lay particular stress on filter material with small particle size and density, such as magnetite. In view of the density difference of qualified, three layer medium filter selected basic fixed filtering material. Upper plays a role of coarse filter filtration material, the lower the function fine filter filtration material, give full play to the effect of multiple medium filter bed, water quality is outstanding, good in monolayer filter material. For day-to-day running water, generally can't use anthracite, resin and other filter material.

that's small make up for the share of medium filter filter layer on the design aspects to consider, when we know these knowledge, when we need to choose more medium filter will be a little more direction, know how to do this part of the work.

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