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by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter products

filter filter in the air filtration product unit is a very important element, essential, role is very big. But many people don't know how long filter cartridge replacement a more appropriate, but also do not know how to determine whether a filter the replacement, so it is easy to affect the normal use effect, filtering effect is poor. To solve these problems, parsing for everybody to see here.

how long does it take to replace a filter core right, according to the introduction of professionals, different materials of filter replacement time must be different also. The PP cotton filter, for example, the service life of the filter is about half a year or so. You can use the water quality demonstrator how to test the water quality of water at home, if in half a month or so with the water quality became yellow, and then filter replacement cycle is about half a year, if the water quality in yellow for ten days or so, water quality is not good, replace the filter cycle to four or five months.

the normal average service life of activated carbon filter is one year, you can use the residual chlorine agent testing the tap water in the home, according to the different color of tap water can test how much is the content of residual chlorine, if the content of residual chlorine is normal, that change once a year is normal, but if the residual chlorine content is higher, probably will need about ten months to be replaced.

activated carbon filter, before and after the normal service life of the average is about a year or so, you can use the same test method, the residual chlorine in tap water test, the test standard is the same.

ultrafiltration membrane of normal service life is a year on average, is can use testing water quality turbidity, the impurity content of product testing water at home, in general, to be able to achieve the service life of about a year.

normal average service life of RO membrane is two years, this kind of material is very good, use effect also reached the standard of the user, if the RO membrane in the range of use, to achieve the service life of two years is not a problem at all.

the service life of filter core is different, different filter has its own life. But the key issue is must pay more attention to the use of filter, if filter does not work, then the use effect of filtering equipment will certainly have an impact, ensure each element is no problem, improve the efficiency of use, this is important.

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