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by:Booguan     2020-11-02

filter application is very common nowadays, all walks of life has its figure, the filter for different environment need is different also, type and characteristics of the different filter do you understand? The small make up take you know different categories and characteristics of air filter.

1, the early effect of air filters

main use: generally the early effect of air filter used for ventilation and air filtration equipment filtering section or fresh air in the system of the primary filter, the small resistance, exhaust air volume, long application life.

product features: cheaper, lighter weight, good practicability and compact structure. Early efficiency air filter to replace filter material, at the beginning of the paper box for one-time.

applicable scope: effect of air filter is suitable for air conditioning unit in the early primary filter, mainly used for filtering dust particles above 5 microns. Early efficient filter plate, folding, bag several styles; Frame materials have paper box, aluminum frame, galvanized iron box; Filtering material is non-woven fabrics, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal mesh, etc. ; There are two sides to defend the net pensu barbed wire and galvanized wire on both sides. Mainly used in:

1) Central air conditioning and ventilation system prefiltering

2) Large air compressor prefiltering

3) Decontamination chamber inlet system

4) Local high efficient filter prefiltering

5) Resistance to high temperature air filter products, stainless steel frame, high temperature resistant - 250 300 ℃ air filtration product efficiency.

2, folding effect in air filters

main use: filter exhaust system. Suitable for electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment, electronic instruments, metallurgical industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, light industry, food and other fields of general air filter products.

product features: high efficiency, large amount of dust and occupy the interior space is small.

3, bag of air filter efficiency

main use: central air-conditioning ventilation systems, or as a prerequisite for the efficient filter filter, it can relieve pressure and high efficiency filter, increase its service life, also can be applied to industrial production general air filter in various fields.

product features: large amount of small resistance, dust capacity.

effect filter mainly used in central air conditioner and central air supply system. It can be applied to air conditioning unit of the primary filter, in order to ensure system middle level of filtration unit and the system itself, the demand for air air filtration product cleanliness level not harsh place, after effectively filter filter in the air can be directly sent to the user.

in the air filter products, mainly used in adhesion 1 - 5 microns particles of dust and a variety of suspended solid, widely used in all kinds of air conditioning equipment and air conditioning units, intermediate guarantee applies to the multi-stage air filtration product system.

in the efficient filter bag structure, frame materials are: aluminum alloy, galvanized steel plate, can also be made for sale. Filter material is given priority to with non-woven fabric.

here, small make up have to introduce the air filter efficiency, at the beginning of folding effect of air filter, bag of air filter type and characteristics of three kinds of air filter, there are other more categories and characteristics of air filter product we continue to introduce below.

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