Buy exhaust hepa filter work should how?

by:Booguan     2020-11-01
Hepa filter products

how to buy the right exhaust ? If buy exhaust is not suitable, may lead to filter work can't go smoothly, or filtering effect is not up to standard. Exactly how to do a good job of choosing exhaust ? How to let oneself can be many types of exhaust in the market, choose the suitable equipment? Wo yi small make up to analyze for everyone.

note exhaust air filtration product principle

want to choose the appropriate exhaust , must first clear the principle, after all, the current filter principle of filter can accomplish work very much, and according to different pollutants, use targeted adsorption principle, filtration efficiency will be higher.

we need to know your need filter pollutants, have what feature, how can be the adsorption principle of the filter, which kind of adsorption principle the effect will be more better, and that the adsorption principle of where is usually some type of exhaust commonly used. Through this analysis, I believe you will need to myself how effective filter models of exhaust air, there is a general judgment, when buying exhaust , can more accurately choose to exhaust to satisfy his needs.

clear exhaust equipment and high efficiency filter feature

when buying exhaust , of course, also need to know about exhaust device characteristics and high efficiency filter, after all the different type different manufacturer production exhaust , there is a certain gap. You need to pay attention to the filter of the need to do work, have what kind of features.

, for example, if the concentration of the pollutant in the gas is not high, but is a large amount of gas, the need is not to high strength filters work, but through the exhaust air volume is very large, it can be finished in a short time a large amount of gas filtration, and if the gas quantity is less, but the pollutant concentration is high, you need to buy exhaust to filter the intensity is high, the filtration rate are less demanding.

how to buy the right exhaust ? Actually in the process of purchase, you can choose adsorption principle first, and then according to your actual filter requirements, select exhaust can meet the requirements, let oneself of filtering efficiency is higher, and standards.

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