Buy air filtration units need to focus on what elements that meet the requirements

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
Filtering equipment

to buy air filter unit, want to consider their own needs, only in this way can let buy air filter unit can accomplish what you need to work, and in the process of purchase is required at this time, attention to some of the basic elements, these elements together, can let the air filter unit of choose and buy is not work running deviation. Wo yi here small make up for the share, air air filtration product unit of choose and buy when what to pay attention to.

note air air filtration product unit of the nature of the work

buy air filtration units need to focus on the filtering properties of the device, after all, the pollutant in the air condition is varied, some can only be physical adsorption, while others need to use chemical adsorption, according to different pollutants, want to buy different air filtration unit. Wo yi small make up recommend before buying, to know yourself whether you need what kind of filter, and then look at their need to purchase what kind of nature of the air filter products unit, then determine the target air filtration unit.

note that air filtration unit working strength

when purchasing an air filter products unit, also need to attention to the working strength, after all, different models of air filtration unit, can do the work intensity is differ greatly, and the intensity of the mainly reflects in: (1) can meet the demand of the given space air purification; (2) can meet the demand of short term a lot of air purification; (3) every time cleaning maintenance effect of frequency and time. If air purification space is large, it requires a substantial amount of short-term work for air purification, need low frequency of cleaning and maintenance, so now need to purchase air filter unit, an acceptable working strength must be high.

pay attention to the use of the air filter element

when purchasing an air filter unit, of course, also very key-module use method, how do you see it? Because the technical personnel of different enterprise itself is different, the working efficiency of the use of air filtration unit is also different, if some of the air filter products unit start up slowly, unable to meet the needs of enterprise rapid operation, such as air filter unit must be inappropriate.

to buy air filter unit of time attention to these aspects above, can clearly know yourself whether you need what kind of air filter unit, and then choose the air filter unit of more in line with their own needs.

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