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by:Booguan     2020-11-10
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filter can be used not only in industrial installation, can also be used in the life. The scope of application of air filter products, if you know a few? Actually filter through the various development, has formed a professional system, also brought convenience to the staff from all walks of life, we introduce application scope are below.

priority, the housing market

it is very common, played an auxiliary air filter application effect, enhances the filtering function. Many people favor electrostatic equipment, because it has good environmental protection function. In recent years people in decorating a process, especially pay attention to the use of filters, people have higher requirements on environmental quality.

in the second place, the office market

there are computer equipment, office daily operation will be ozone generation, so the health of the workers need attention. With air filter applications can solve the problem, can also improve air clarity, and provide a good environment for everyone, avoid doze.

third, commercial buildings,

this is common outdoors, many public places need to handle a large number of business, every day the traffic is very high, if the air is very out-of-the-way, easy to produce many pollutants. So in big cities, people pay attention to air filter applications, avoid the generation of bacteria and viruses.

4, factory

the factory production line difference is very big, but the majority of manufacturers value air quality, such as some factory installed pollution control equipment, will naturally use filtering system. This is one of the air filter application scope, the current penetration is broader, this also is the basic way to ensure the quality of products.

5, hospital

hospital disinfection, more want to stay healthy environment. So in the applications of air filter, part of the health industry is not to be ignored. From the point of regulation, its filter USES two kinds of priority is the prefilter, the second is the final filter. Efficiency to reach 30% and 90% respectively. Part of the care environment need to strengthen the filtering, should also start HEPA filters.

6, food processing

food processing wide prospect of market, in order to guarantee food quality, must use the filter. So everyone can see the meat products, dairy products processing factory, basic cannot leave the installation of the filter.

this is with the introduction of the air filter application scope, the use of filter is quite common. This is why many people focus on the cause of purification equipment research. Now everyone has a higher demand on air quality, the innovation of the purification equipment is bound to bring more superior environment, is in the national support industry.

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