Buy air conditioning box filter equipment choose Shanghai he good?

by:Booguan     2020-11-02

no matter under what kind of industry, we will pursue a highly efficient, so the efficient has become the topic of people from all walks of life have been focused on, in the air filter industry also is same, characteristic and application of high efficiency air filter products got the support of many professionals and consumers. Then we will come together to the products from the material classification, working principle and structure, etc. , thoroughly analyzing the product. Before about this topic, we have to mention a manufacturer, it is wo yi, because the manufacturer is committed to research and development characteristic of various filter products.

high efficiency air filter on the material used is made of super fine glass fiber paper, and a partition is the offset paper and aluminum membrane materials used, with wooden frame aluminum alloy agglutination. Wooden frame aluminum alloy adhesive is a special kind of silicone rubber, it with no smell, not surface hardening, time for a long time to also won't have crack, and stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance. Like this kind of material with even encounter can absorb heat bilges cold shrink stress produced will not result in the crack of the wooden frame aluminum alloy with a partition, and moderate hardness, strong elastic recovery is very good also. Each high efficiency air filter products is to test by sodium flame method.

then filter according to the classification of structure form which can be divided into several? We specially for the query on the Internet for this problem: the original is divided into four categories, they are: hepa filter, hepa filter, big air volume high efficiency filter, super high efficiency filter. No diaphragm filter is use the hot melt adhesive instead of the diaphragm filter with aluminum foil for separating filter material. And hepa filter is made with superfine fibre filter material, high quality kraft paper, hot rolling, of course, some will choose to use offset paper, aluminum foil as a partition, with wooden frame or aluminum alloy frame and glue. Namely we often speak of high efficiency air filter which has high filter efficiency, low resistance, big air volume, let the advantages of large amount of dust.

we all know, there are three types of filters, respectively, at the beginning of efficient filter, the filter efficiency, and high efficiency filter, according to the filter's name, we can make good judgment they play a role when filtering impurities are different. Efficient has always been our pursuit, I will choose a good material to build a high efficiency air filter products.

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