Briefly describes the role of air shower and the matters needing attention in the process of use

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
Air air filtration product equipment

air filter bag is a very common filtering equipment parts and components, can do a variety of requirements of air air filtration product, itself performance is good, is very common in industrial production, and want to work for filtering effect can amount to mark, suggest that all users in the process of purchase and use or need to pay attention to some basic problems, what is the problem? Wo yi small make up to tell you.

air filter bag to buy

want to buy air filter bag filter can finish their work requirements, how to know yourself whether you need when buy air filter bag, filter and it will be for their own work has a certain understanding.

recommend starting from filtering work nature, first, for example, you need what is filtering accuracy and filtering efficiency, the target air filter bag whether can meet your demand, then need to be aware of is air damage and service life of filter bag, in general the service life of air filter bag as long as possible, yet sturdy air filter bag breakage rate is low, can let the filtering equipment to work stably for a long time, reduce the time of the filtering equipment downtime clean. Again is to notice the air filter bag manufacturer service situation, generally in order to avoid buying air filter bag but you don't know how to solve problems, if the manufacturer, the manufacturer will be handled within a short period of time, to avoid too much delay production time.

the use of air filter bag

when using air filter bag, of course, also need to pay attention to some problems, after all, is not unexpected, in use process to make the air filter bag play their part. In the process of using air filter bag is to formulate the reasonable production plan first, in general the user needs according to their actual needs, and air filter bag bear ability, to develop a plan, try to avoid air filter bag overload for a long time, the loss rate of in air filter bag is big. The second point is the need for regular inspection on air filter bag, found that the air filter bag is saturated, or damaged, you need to clean or replace as soon as possible, so as to avoid air filter bag filter effects.

let air filter products bag filter effects can amount to mark, must pay attention to when buying and using air filter products bag to some basic problems, buy air filter bag to satisfy his needs, and in the later when using for air filter bag can maintain in good working condition.

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