Briefly describes the classification of the cartridge filter and characteristics

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
Filter equipment

when using screen filter, must be attention to some matters needing attention, otherwise you will not be able to normal use screen filter, which can also lead to the screen filter air filtration product efficiency and air filtration product under the influence of a certain effect. What note? When using mesh filter how to ensure the filtering effect? Wo yi small make up for all to share.

do a good job plan screen filter using the

before using screen filter need to plan the work, after all, if suddenly interrupted normal work process, is actually affect the equipment. So there is no work plan to use screen filter, is a huge taboo in the process of using net filter. In the process of filtering work plan, consider the filter net work load capacity, considering its own production needs, will need to pay attention to during the process of work points are listed, and then let the screen filter according to the plan to carry out their work.

the preventive maintenance plan screen filter cleaning

in the use of mesh filter, be sure to do the cleaning, after all, there is no regular cleaning screen filter, appears to cause a decline in air filtration product efficiency and effectiveness, can also cause meshy filter, the phenomenon of the damage. So in the use of mesh filter can not be lazy, no time to screen filter for cleaning and maintenance is a no-no. In clean process also needs to formulate corresponding plans, such as cleaning and maintenance and what is the frequency, which aspects in the process of cleaning and maintenance work is to be done.

don't run statistical values are not

in the actual operation process, of course, is to do the numerical statistical work, avoid in the process of operation, the screen filter situation is not very understanding, also there is no way to do a good job of corresponding risk control and the control effect. Need to pay attention to when statistics, first clear what exactly numerical statistics to yourself, and then to clear these numerical statistical interval, know the category of normal values, know what kind of values is beyond the normal range, clear the reasons for these problems, to adjust in a timely manner.

in the use of mesh filter, statistical values are not taboo, not cleaning maintenance is a big fear, don't do the work plan is taboo, clear use screen filter taboos, can better use the equipment.

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