Briefly describes the basic properties of the filtering equipment

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
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we often said to early effect in high efficiency filter, filter and efficient filter, for these devices is 'familiar', but to speak of pipeline filter, most people are not very clear, this kind of filter, as its name implies is in the pipeline, if we don't open the equipment at ordinary times to look at the inside, it is hard to see this kind of filter, so we don't know its principle and function, this is understandable, so we here mainly to introduce for everybody, it is this line filters.

first us, the working principle of pipeline filter, it is in (liquid or gas Most liquid) Through the shell, because of the existence of the filter, so it can be the most solid impurities 'intercept' out, so that you can only make clean, filtered liquid through our filter into the next procedure, of course it's not that we can't see the line filters don't need to clean it, regardless of the filter is installed in the internal or external, cleaning of filters is necessary, because in the process of the whole filter, poisonous and harmful impurity particles in or one side of the screen, there is have a lot of bacteria or pathogens, the passage of time will not only influence the permeability of the filter, but also can cause great threat to our health, so we want to install the internal pipeline filter is to do the work of cleaning the timely.

so, this kind of line filter and the advantage of our general filter in where? First of all, the strainer his design structure is simple, than general simple structure at the time of installation and unload to clean is convenient; Second, the filter is not controlled, it is connected with the central control system, so that through intelligent control, automation level is high, let us on the application of worry and rest assured. Finally, is the application of this filter, it can undertake high precision filter, can filter out zero point one microns particles, so to filter out liquid, on the security and stability than other liquid filter out much higher.

believe that through the small make up the above description, in line filter has a deeper understanding, also have more choices when choosing the filter, we can according to their own needs, combining with the characteristics of each filter is a little bit and, through multiple dimensions of comprehensive evaluation, choose a suitable own filters, use.

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