blue air filters - is it a true hepa filter?

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
The blue filter is not a real hepa filter, but uses different techniques to remove contaminants in your air.
Let\'s see what the main difference is.
The word Hepa refers to the initials acronym of high-efficiency particulate air.
These types of filters are among the best in the industry as they can remove up to 99.
97% of the known pollutants in your home air.
They are very effective in removing pollen, dust particles, mites, cat dandruff, skin, rag weeds, some viruses, mold and bacteria.
If you are allergic, especially with asthma, I suggest you buy an air filter products or air purifier using the hepa filter.
Indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air because we have built modern houses and never see the light or air during the day.
Some people use air conditioning and central heaters all year round.
These devices just keep recycling the dirty air in and around your home.
It is easy to remove these dangerous contaminants using a suitable air purifier.
You have air purifiers large enough to clean the air of the whole family, as well as other air purifiers suitable for the room.
The blue air filter products is not a real hepa filter, but a \"hepa like\" filter, which will allow more air and particles to pass in order to reduce the noise of the device.
Blue builders compensate for the fact that small particles are captured by using internal electrostatic ion generator technology.
It\'s all good, but the ionised air with negative electricity that can be released has been shown to affect a lot of people, and ironically, it affects people with allergic problems.
To reduce the output of negative ions, they added carbon to capture these ions.
I really don\'t know how much it captures and how much it releases, so it seems safer to use a real hepa filter in my opinion.
These devices and filters are usually a bit expensive due to the variety of technologies blue uses to purify the air.
But there are other really good air purifiers using real hepa filters.
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